Longer Gear Leveller

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  1. 4F137091-08F8-40E3-99A1-BD4BF2CADB9F.png 2B2A756C-6311-4A79-9DC4-ACA860F6C23B.jpeg

    I’ve come across these.

    has anyone actually fitted one these and what did think?
  2. Surely that’s just going to increase the length of the throw when you change gear?
    Perhaps if fitted with a short shift it’d work well though.
  3. Literally just fitted mine this evening. Feels really nice and weighted and very well made! The throw isnt far, feels same but i do have a engine dynamics short shift too. Havnt been for a drive yet but will update you at weekend 8f04f6a6e606ce679aecbc811a7a9f38.jpg 5516e0903638ca7204a1bfabb6ea9717.jpg

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  4. Is reverse awkward with it?
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  5. Its not awkward but ye you have to pull the plastic bit up still for reverse but seems ok after a few goes but i expected it looking from photos

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  6. I have the short shift mod fitted and would be interested in trying one of these out - do you have a link to buy them?
  7. A guy on instagram. Name of Clio3rs200. Took 4 days from croatia with tracking

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  8. is the spring for the reverse plastic bit retained? if yes then how?
  9. A washer comes with the kit that goes on top of spring before the extension. You can make the washer flush with the plastic bit but i went down more so has more to grab on to c1cbed47683a5f4a59bb3ca93a5adc65.jpg

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  10. thanks for the info
  11. i just have my favourite gear know installed last week 4b31826c-9bc1-4af1-a478-57c86208868c.jpg
  12. For those of you who have bought this item, is it a problem to have these grommet holes unaligned like this:

  13. Those with MK2s, Will Johnson's conversion kit is much nearer.
  14. *neater.
  15. Where do I get these kits?
  16. I've got one you can have. I decided not to fit it. £80 posted.
  17. Actually mine is for a mk2 so may not fit your mk3.
  18. No probs. Was more curious as where to find it as Xmas money is all spent now!
  19. It's from a guy on Instagram. I actually opened an Instagram account to get hold of him. Then, after I paid him, and posted no content at all, my Instagram account was suspended for a violation of their terms.

    I have absolutely no idea what I could possibly have done that violated anything. Anyway, I don't have his instagram details any more I'm afraid.
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