Long time Megane 225 F1 owner checking in

Discussion in 'New to the Club? Why not introduce yourself?' started by Michael Ritchie-Robinson, Jul 21, 2021.

  1. Hi There,

    My name is Michael checking in all the way from South Africa!

    I have a 2007 Megane F1 225 that I have had from 2013. I have done alot to the car over the years, reverted back to stock and modded it all over again haha. Ive also attended a alot of track events and taken part in a few entry level amateur cups. Have learnt a ton along the way.

    Most recently I am undertaking to transplant a Megane 265 motor & R26 gearbox into my F1 along with quite an intensive refresh and upgrade & would like to share my progress on here for people to perhaps learn from.
    I have already gathered all the parts and will start the job soon.
    If someone could point me in the right direction where to start a progress thread that would be appreciated.




  2. @ianplymouth is the man to speak to on this as he did it on his inferno 225.
    Car looks great btw too.
  3. Thanks, I like to think it really is one of the neatest megs for the age. and still bangs so far above its weight to this day, especially on track. Cannot wait to refresh it.

    I actually drew alot of inspiration from the @DamoBarnes thread who also did it and alot of my own research for this build. But I see he has not been online in forever.

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