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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Leigh, Nov 13, 2020.

  1. Hey guys, I hope everyone’s doing good!

    Like many of you, I’ve always enjoyed working on my cars and usually do plenty of research in the build up to tackling a job.
    I’m grateful for the wealth of information people are willing to share on forums such as this and on platforms like YouTube.

    I’ve been thinking about documenting more my own tinkering for a while now and I’ve finally got around to making a start, in the form of a YouTube video. I replaced the rear brakes on my R26 last weekend and recorded the process. Hopefully, likeminded people will find the video useful or interesting.

    Now I’m not a professional mechanic, nor a videographer. So, if you do spare some time to watch my video, please go easy on me!

    In about 30 years time, when I FINALLY get around to restoring one of my cars, I plan to record the whole process.......so I need practice.

    Anyway, here’s the link if you fancy a watch.

  2. all good apart from the muzak!...would rather have heard you talking the process through.But its still a well made,very usefull guide..
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  3. Ha ha I have to agree.......I copped out!
    Thanks for your comment.
  4. Yeah a good watch Leigh, can you do one on removing the front subframe next though please As I’ve got to take mine off soon :tearsofjoy:
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  5. Cheers mate.

    I had a good old battle with the wishbones on mine earlier in the year so I’m hoping to not have to remove any of the front end again any time soon! Sorry, I might stretch to an oil change though
  6. Mossyv6

    Mossyv6 RSM Club Member

    Excellent video.
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  7. Thanks [mention]Mossyv6 [/mention]
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  8. I love you tube videos like this when you need that little confidence check if you a little unsure you can do it, and to check there isn’t something specific you have to worry about. People should be able to follow your video and not go wrong. Agree with Andrew about commentary, especially if you are tackling something more complicated. Great job.
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  9. Cheers man, appreciate it.
    God knows how I’d pluck up the courage to do the commentary though . Maybe I’ll have to give it a go at some point.
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  10. manugtt

    manugtt RSM Club Member

    Good job Leigh! Very clean all time and very careful with details. Thats the way to do this works!
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  11. Thanks, Manu!
  12. Everything was pretty well done. I notice that cars from GB have a big problem with corrosion.
    I usually protect the new disc with copper grease and clean the inside of the wheel.
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  13. Thanks mate.
    Yes, rust is a real issue here in the uk. You tend to get a rusty shower if you use an impact gun!
    I tend to do the same with my wheels, especially if they’re prone to getting stuck. I never thought to show that in my video so thanks for the heads up.
  14. manugtt

    manugtt RSM Club Member

    And I ask, why?? I mean, in cars that move near the coast I can understand, in Spain that happen too. But why happen in the interior of island too? Because the salt on the roads on winter? I don´t know if the snow is normal in England.
    Sorry for the off topic by the way:grin:
  15. It just rains......ALL THE TIME!
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  16. manugtt

    manugtt RSM Club Member

    :tearsofjoy::tearsofjoy::tearsofjoy:Well, in that case, here in Basque Country have the same weather. Maybe the english rain is stronger than here!:tonguewink:
  17. I just googled it and it rained 165 days last year!
    I’m coming to Spain!......oh yeah, I can’t!
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  18. I have another problem here. When it snows, They throw sand and small stones. Very sharp. They kill paint. Salt is thrown only on highways and capital cities. From 2005 until now I have changed 5 windshields :blush:.
    Luckily it doesn't last long. December to March

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