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  1. Bit of a long shot this one but Does anyone have a Kenwood head unit in their car?
    I've fitted one in the R26 and it wont read anything off my usb stick. The device worked perfectly in my android unit.
    If anyone uses a usb stick can you tell me what brand it is please?
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    Following as Im having the same issue, Hopefully Gavin will see this as i got it off him. It wont connect to my phone either via USB. Tried different formats on the USB stick too
  3. I haven't tried connecting my phone via usb yet but it works via the Bluetooth. I don't want to do that every time though, I have about 100 albums on my usb so I'd rather put that into the stereo and leave it there.
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  4. Might not be the issue but first time I put usb drive into my kenwood unit it didn't read due to format of flash drive being ntfs. Reformated in fat 32 and worked straight away with the FLAC music files that are loaded.
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  5. I tried reformatting it but it still doesn't respond. Using an ad card with an adaptor at the moment and it's fine.
  6. Good to hear you at least are able to play through USB again.

    This morning I inserted another usb stick into my Kenwood unit. It played but skipped every song after 3 seconds of playback and then just froze. Pulled it out, restarted unit and now I have 0 sound from the speakers on any source.

    Quite frustrated about it. Will have to check fuses etc. tonight. Was amped to listen to 24bit FLAC Radio Head.
  7. I have seen a quick scan option on various head units and other audio devices, that works as an auditory file index check. It may be that this option is present and has become selected. My current Pioneer unit has a MixTrax feature that auto mixes tracks and this has this option - I never use it as I consider it a bit dangerous. A repeating change every few seconds is bound to effect your concentration :wink:

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