Kangoo Compact Rs

Discussion in 'Other Projects' started by Brigsy, Jun 18, 2021.

  1. Thanks @Martijn106 its great to have it back on the road again, im enjoying driving it again. Cant wait to see how the new engine goes when mapped, it feels good on low load driving.
  2. Awesome Brigsy! That´s the way to a good first start. A job well done, now is time to enjoy it, glad for you!:wink:
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  3. I bloody love this thing. Just caught up as ive not been on here in a while. Glad youve got it going again.
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  4. Great build!
    Don't think I'd ever need it, but wouldn't mind having it :tearsofjoy:
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  5. Hi Briggsy,

    Would you have the pic of the adjustment made to clear the cam sensor. About to attack a 197 head for the same purpose but the engine is at mechanic so I'm working kinda blind
  6. Inlet needs a trim like in pics - you will need head to offer it up as its tight. 20230220_164124.jpg 20230221_170635.jpg

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