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  1. Ride height looks good! The proportions of the Compact are so weird, great sleeper.
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  2. No man, it broke my heart but did replaced for the Meg. Well, the Meg make me forget the Gtt sometimes, but isn´t so funny like the Gtt.
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  3. Sorry, post twice!
  4. Long time no update, plenty has been going on though.

    Fitted some lock stops to the steering rack as had slight tyre to coilover rub on full lock. This appears to be a known issue on ast coilovers on megs from a little research. The stops are double the thickness of oem and knock onto the tie rod ends tight so quite a nice bit of kit.

    20220423_134408.jpg 20220423_134521.jpg 20220423_134518.jpg

    Its not the ideal solution as lost a bit of lock, its not clio v6 turning circle bad but have to be a little bit more mindful when parking etc, but tons of clearance on tyres now. The other options would have been to run a spacer up front or lower et wheels but i like the comps and not really a fan of spacers.

    Lost another compomotive centre cap too but replaced from one i have in stock. 20220430_114426.jpg

    Had the toe set yesterday at my local for mates rates on the hunter anlignment.

    Toe was miles out as expected. From memory massive toe in on drivers, toe out on passenger side.

    Toe et close to parallel, the setup is not agressive, camber is a little bit less than planned -1.5deg but even so ill take that as i set that prior with a spirit level and some trigonometry.
    Rear not bad at all, could do with a slight shim however will need custom shims as massive 60mm bolt spacing and 21mm bolts holding the stubs on. 20220430_153641.jpg 20220430_153703.jpg

    I can report that for the first time since conversion it pulls straight on boost. The difference in drivability is amazing. All torque steer has gone which ive been fighting since converting it, you can hold the steering wheel with one hand on boost, where before it was hang on for dear life as the lsd would pull it about on any slight bit of camber. First time ive actually properly enjoyed driving it since getting it on the road, and dont need to concentrate on focusing on holding it in a straight line.

    Ive been battling torque steer since conversion, with the old suspension setup it was all over the place if hitting camber on the road and lsd scrabbling for traction. It was that bad that it could put you into the next lane if hitting a bump on full throttle so had to be very careful. If it was wheelspinning then it would go straight but that defeats the object.

    I renewed all the bushes and steering components up front and fitted r26 22mm arb, toe set parallel which made little difference on the old suspension.

    Next step was purchasing the Ast's and fitting them made a 90% improvement although it would still be a bit skitty in certain circumstances and feeling like it was swapping power left to right although not pulling all over the place. I was at the point of pulling the box to get the lsd checked or replaced or getting the van on a chassis jig to see if the shell was straight, as had checked engine and box was mounted straight/level etc. Still can not believe the toe set up has cured all issues and on the plus side the steering has a nice weighted feeling as it used to go light before.

    Its been an absolute ball ache to get right but we are 100% moving in the right direction now.
  5. Prep for Cliosport festival.

    Still not done much and a list of bits to do before CS festival, thought id better make a start now back from hols.

    Started with a trial fit of the Technomagnesio champion 201B wheels wearing 235/40/18 Yokohama A048 Medium hard compound semis. Got these refurbed a couple of years ago for the blue meg for track use and not used them and have been sat in wheel bags in the garage.
    20220703_195042.jpg 20220703_195130.jpg

    As the Kangoo needs a lower offset than the meg on the rear for clearance from inner arch a spacer is required. I dont need to run one with the mo6 as its a staggered set with lower et on the rear approx et50, i believe the technos are et60.

    I have a pair of 10mm pms slip on spacers in stock which work ok as the hub centre is massive so plenty left to locate the wheel, and clearance is good. Should be epic on a dry track with this combo 20220703_190154.jpg 20220703_190749.jpg 20220703_185744.jpg

    Liking the look of them fitted now its suitably low. The wheels are like a cross between oldskool flat faced compomotive mo5 and speedline corse 1822, nice motorsport look.
  6. CSF prep almost done

    New brembo hc front discs fitted, ferodo ds1.11 front pads, system fully flushed with motul rbf 600 fluid.

    Discs come pre painted on the bits that rust in anthricite and look well. 20220708_132200.jpg

    Pressure bled brakes in sequence and the pedal went a bit long for some bizarre reason was no issues prior. Give them another bleed and air came out of the rears and now the pedal feel is wicked. Flushed clutch hydraulics too.

    Technomagnesios on now longer bolts have arrived for rears due to 10mm pms spacers. Black ebay special centre caps fitted as only had 2 of the silver ones in last pics. £6 delivered for them, bargain. 20220708_204829.jpg 20220708_204817.jpg 20220708_204809.jpg

    Took it out this morning to bed the brakes in and once some pad material was on the new discs the stopping power is unreal.

    Quick stop by the old woodyard in M/boro whilst brakes cooled a little. 20220709_121023.jpg

    Went back home and changed oil and filter and modine seal. Id been putting this off as access is tight. Pulled front end off and was very easy to be fair. Modine bolt torqued to 44nm as per workshop manual and mocal sandwich plate torqued to 25nm as both were a little loose for my liking when removed. 20220709_162754.jpg

    Dry as a bone now as it had a slight weep in this area. Filled up with Millers Cfs motorsport 5/40.

    Took it out for a test run and done some pulls with RsTuner hooked up for datalogging, whilst keeping an eye on afr gauge. Feels quick as and very planted in higher gears thats all im saying. Checked logs and the consensus is all good.
    Fitted a nimbus heatshield to the upper scuttle yesterday. It had a crappy bit of carpet sound deadening fitted originally which was looking ropey so took it off when i first done the conversion. Thought it was worthwhile fitting something right above the turbo to reflect some radiant heat. 20220710_105348.jpg
    Scuttle off and some riv nuts to hold it in place, daft hour job before the weather was scorchio. Nimbus is class, so easy to work with, moulded around the contours of the scuttle dead easy with minimum fuss.

    Thats all the bits done for CSF apart from quick wash and fill up with fuel.

    Thanks for reading!!
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  7. What Powerflex bushings did you use for the Rear axle? Still a stock Kangoo axle?
    I've done some research on fitting a Kangoo axle to a Meg 225 as it's the same width and has the same track width, but then with the possibility to put shims on there. Haven't measured anything yet but curious to see what you used.
  8. The rear beam is stock kangoo,not sure if the meg beam will fit as never compared. The bushes are custom made by powerflex to suit the kangoo.

    Engine is currently poorly in this. Building another engine up ready for next year. Will update later.

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