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  1. Hi all, few pics of my Kangoo Compact fitted with mk2 r26 engine and running gear. Its a rare short version, same length as clio2.

    Ive built this up over the last year or so, and i believe its the only petrol megane rs converted one in the world. Everything wired in as per oem and works great.

    Brief spec

    Megane r26 bottom end, cosworth pistons and cat cams rods.
    250 head with 172 cams fitted.
    20t hybrid turbo with billet wheel.
    3"exhaust from turbo back with single rear stealth silencer.
    5bar intank reg with dw65c fuel pump, meg 250 rising rate fuel system.
    Megane Sagem s3000 ecu, throttle body adaptor made to run the r26 throttle, synced the immobiliser up to the Kangoo uch myself with Ren0link.

    Mapped by Efi 375hp/338ft lb, torque had to be capped as stock 250 clutch was starting to slip.

    Suspension/transmission wise, its running meg r26 front hubs/wishbones, 250 pk 4018 with lsd, megane brembos etc.

    Some pics below
    20210529_183415.jpg 20210529_141022.jpg 20210528_143539.jpg 20210528_143547.jpg 20210524_195653.jpg 20210517_194052.jpg 20210530_003641.jpg 20210327_180311.jpg 20210130_134201.jpg 20201121_154344.jpg 20210524_195616.jpg
    Limited to 62mph officer!
    Currently working on suspension and brakes, the power has highlighted the tca bushes are worn out, awaiting powerflex bushes.

    Still undecided what route to take suspension wise, front is currently new r26 shocks with kangoo h&r springs, which could do with being a bit stiffer. Rear is on custom springs and custom gaz shocks.

    Thanks for reading!
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  2. You have got to be so happy with the results of the build, looks awesome mate :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:
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  3. :fearscream::fearscream::fearscream::fearscream::fearscream:
    Awesome man!! I have seen many swaps, most of them "dirty" projects, I mean, built without sense or taste. That is not one of them. Very fine job there, I can´t imagine the faces of supercars owners when you pass them!
    Congratulations :wink:

    Stickers of Renault-Eco and 62MPH limited...the best!
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  4. Loving this, great job @Brigsy, engine looks factory fitted!
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  5. Cheers all, its turned out way better than expected. Ive been having quite a bit of fun seeing off some pcp'd Bmw & Mercedes diesels off at the lights:laughing:

    Once suspension is done ill get it to Croft which is my local and give it a shakedown to see how it all performs.

    Video of it on the dyno @ Efi

    A few more random pics.

    Pic when i bought it. £400 off facebook market place with half of a blown up diesel engine still fitted and overall very unloved. Cheap though as the compact dont come up for sale very often and around £2k when they do. 20191116_145400.jpg

    Engine sat in the garage prepared ready for dropping in.
    Engine when first fitted in the engine bay. Scuttle is removable giving loads of room. Its basically very similar to a mk2 meg& mk3 clio engine bay. Dropped straight in with the right combination of engine mounts. 20201108_165437.jpg
    Exhaust underneath. My local Longlife exhaust made it up and done a great job. Its not even that loud with single silencer. 20210327_153554.jpg
    20210327_180122.jpg 20210327_180105.jpg 20210327_162942.jpg An6 ptfe fuel line made up. Had to drop the tank to access the sender. Kangoo sender is basically the same as mk2 meg, and meg dropped straight in, fuel gauge works perfect.
    20210402_150726.jpg 20210402_150735.jpg Toyosports bar and plate intercooler fitted to replace the one in the previous post. Chris said it works very well when it was on the dyno, ive not really seen charge temps move over a couple of degrees above ambient on the live data. 20210417_183055.jpg
    Rear load space, basically unusable as a van with it being so short:laughing: 20210522_174604.jpg
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  6. This is absolutely bonkers, I love it!!! Great job

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  7. Brilliant job there :smile: looks epic fun lol

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  8. Brilliant fun i bet, i love cars like these, looks nothing really special, but they beat everything at the light or track.
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  9. A great conversion, and a fantastic job young man, you should be proud of what you have done.
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  10. That is very cool!!!
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  11. Cheers all. Its been a nice little project and ive enjoyed putting it together.

    Not much in the way of updates, currently waiting for some powerflex bushes to arrive that have been on order since the beginning of the month.

    Looking at suspension options too. Tempted to go for ast 5100’s for the front and see what they can offer for the rear. I think a coilover setup for the rear might be the best solution.
  12. Updates

    Clutch started slipping badly so had to pull it to bits and done a suspension overhaul.

    Parts ordered from Kamracing, great service arrived fast. So started to crack on with the work and stripped subframe off.

    First job was to clean up the track control arms and pop the bushes and balljoints out. 20ton press and knotted wheel on the grinder made short work of this. 20210711_135644.jpg

    New vibratechnics rear solid bushes pressed in, powerflex black up front and new trw balljoints. The rear vibratechnics bushes are a spherical bearing design with rubber boot, look pukka. The main advantage over powerflex rear bushes is that they can pivot properly like the oem rear bush allowing proper droop on the front track control arm. Best be good as they cost double the price of powerflex.

    Coated in hydrate 80 20210711_161926.jpg
    Zinc primer, epoxy mastic and a gloss top coat

    Next job was to upgrade the front arb. Stock Kangoo is 19mm ans r26 is 21mm so a decent upgrade. The bars look identical so relatively straightforward swap.

    The easy way to do this would have been to use the r26 subframe which bolts straight onto the kangoo. The downside to the megane subframe is that it runs crap bushes in the subframe, and the Kangoo is solid mounted like a clio 197 cup racer subframe, so was worth sticking with it.

    Kangoo subframe mounts

    Stock arb brackets were no good as for smaller bar and very flimsy, and r26 would not fit as different.

    Had a sniff round the renault parts bin and found the megane 3 bushes were for a 21mm bar and looked similar to kangoo. Slight elongate of the holes and straight on.

    Next job was to change drivers side outer cv as clicking. Easy job just messy.

    So next job was to pull the box out to replace dmf for new oem and fit the new rts clutch. Its the dual friction type which is tested and good for decent torque.

    Pk gearbox a bit of a lump to remove but not too bad. Clutch did not look all that bad but noted that self adjusting mechanism on pressure plate was not set even though it was fine when fitted!? Dmf was shot play in all directions. I knew this was not the best as had a bit of vibration off it.

    Crank seal i fitted with the proper tool still nice and dry. Actually cant believe its leak free.
    Dmf/Rts clutch fitted, not self adjusting mechanism set properly.

    Box back on, new oem renault slave cylinder fitted. Bled up straight away and a good clutch pedal. Not a bad job to do to be fair.

    Thanks for reading!!
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  13. Updates,

    Got it all back together and back on the road. Toe was miles out with new tie rods fitted so got that set and started running in the new clutch setup. Clutch feels good not too snappy and handling feels absolutely on point with refurbished suspension and 21mm arb, its absolutely transformed over version 1. Corners nice and flat.

    Cleaned up as it was looking sorry for itself after a few weeks of sitting on the drive doing nothing 20210724_164555.jpg
    Black induction pipe to replace the red hose

    20210722_210728.jpg 20210722_210720.jpg
    Tank filled up 20210725_132834.jpg
    21mpg average round the streets
    Been using it loads this week to get some good mileage on it, no issues to report.

    Thanks for reading!!
  14. Insane. Lost for words tbf Looks like a smart instal as well, fair play
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  15. Cheers mate, its great fun to drive. Been using it loads recently and no issues.

    Currently looking at suspension options as i feel the current springs are too soft. Im looking at ast 5100's for the front and see if they can make me a custom shock/coilover unit for the rear.
  16. This is class! Would megane or clio RS wheels fit? Would look mighty on a set of tibors!!
  17. Cheers mate. Its on megane r26 hubs so any 5x108 will fit, the current compomotives are made for megane r26. Ive always wanted to try a set of r26r wheels on it to see what it looks like
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