280 K-Tec vs Scorpion Exhaust for Megane RS280

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  1. If you want loud and pops, then just goto your nearest custom exhaust fitter, and they can make it as loud as you want, think you are going to struggle for the answer you want, due to very few owners, and they chances of them fitting the exhausts you mentioned
  2. But I am living in Hong Kong. Hong Kong don’t have much workshop can produce custom exhaust. So I only can choose one from Ktec or Scorpion.:disrelieved:Do you have pass experience of using Ktec or Scorpion exhaust?
  3. Or you could get a 3inch Miltec very pleased with mine, i had a scorpion system on my 225 and it was restricting the flow when it was mapped so i would forget that one.
  4. Um.....I also saw some thread said scorpion have quality problem, some guy backbox have crack or leak.
  5. I had a problem with the rear fixing, it tore the box but i fixed that myself, my problem was that i had 4 psi back pressure in the exhaust at full power, thus restricting the turbo boost.
  6. You run with a decat or a sport cat?
  7. I always thought there was an absolutely massive modified car scene in Japan, clearly i am wrong and confused
  8. Decat as i have a friendly MOT tester :laughing:
  9. There is a massive modified car scene in Japan, but they are from Hong Kong, which is in China.
  10. I have both and Scorpion has lack of quality. K-Tec is very precise!
  11. I have a ktec supersport exhaust.
    Which can be a bit droney on motorway runs so I put it in comfort and it's perfect. Other wise it gives a perfect sound in race mode. As for the race version that thing is loud but is not too constricted.

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  12. I receive my ktec supersport exhaust last week, but I still have install it, I think I will install it in this weekend. Can you record the droney sound and let me listen it. I worry about is the droney noise too annoying?

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