JayEmm on Cars Meg 275 Cup-S

Discussion in 'Megane Media' started by NotaDiesel!!!, Feb 3, 2020.

  1. Anybody seen this.

    Anyone on here's car?

    I thought the all came with the alcantara steering wheel & gear leaver surround.

  2. Paddy80

    Paddy80 RSM Club Member

    Yeah I watched it! He wasn't impressed with steering feel!?!?
  3. Hi all, it's my car in the review. It is completely bog standard as mentioned and I am the second owner. I seem to remember Renault producing a few 275s with few to no options at the end of the production run and just presumed mine was one of those. I find the comments about "who would want a spec like that" amusing as this replaced a Westfield kit car so the fact it has a windscreen, roof, doors and a heater are all novel :smile:

    Steering feel - could be put down to the Pirellis on the front. Not my choice, when I bought the car it had a Michelin PS4 on the rear n/s and front o/s, Pirelli on the front n/s and a brand new Chinese ditchfinder on the rear o/s! When the selling dealer pointed out the brand new tyre I told him it was going straight in the bin... So I made the best of a bad combo and stuck the Michelins on the rear, and replaced the ditchfinder with another Pirelli on the front with the aim of doing a few track days to destroy them asap.

    It's a great car though, I'm thoroughly enjoying it!
  4. I like the car but that bloke doesn’t know his arse from his elbow. Not sure how he can review cars.
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  5. Glad your enjoying it.

    Ironically I thought the end was full if high spec cars as they had loads of the options left.

    Mine us such a car. I was told fourth from end. There is an article on line on the last one (yellow again)

    Ironically if I had bought from new I would have bought a zero spec car as I am tight like that. Any part of the appeal if the cup-s was its low new price. Even lower if you believe the discounts mentioned on pistionheads forum.

    Got the most important option...... the paint.

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