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  1. Went to bedford this weekend and it was brilliant.
    Over the moon with how the car performed.
    So far the car has;
    Airtec intercooler
    custom engine dynamics remap to 305/340
    Profekt recirc valve
    Performance friction z rated pads
    Hel braided brake lines
    660 brake fluid
    ADO8r tyres
    [​IMG]IJ6A4833 by james simpson, on Flickr[​IMG]IJ6A3638 by james simpson, on Flickr[​IMG]EN9I0915 by james simpson, on Flickr
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  2. Lovely little weapon buy tge sounds of that spec. Those pics are awesome,i do love a trackday photographer.
  3. ive always had one funny rear bolt on the car and after changing the wheels back it seems to have finally finished it off. Is it possible to retap or is it a replacment hub? how much is that gonna set me back.. :pensive:
  4. -Jamie-

    -Jamie- RSM Moderator

    Rear hub is the disc
  5. Worth upgrading the disks or are the rear ones pretty decent?
  6. -Jamie-

    -Jamie- RSM Moderator

    There isn't an upgrade available and even if there was it would be a waste, Stick to OEM's
  7. matt e

    matt e South East RSM Area Rep

    @James275 i get get you a set of plain rear discs for £100 delivered if your interested?
  8. quite possibly! renault want 400 quid :tearsofjoy:
  9. matt e

    matt e South East RSM Area Rep

    what? let me know if you do!
  10. So an update for all.
    Car was fitted with the new hybrid turbo and decat. new engine lower mount from ktec.
    Drive down was awful with the snow But I managed it. Got to rst an hour early due to the uncertainty with the snow. Pulled up with excitement to find it was shut Simon was on course to be there within the hour. Thankfully we got hold of Paul to find out what was going on. He was very understanding and didn't realise his secretary didn't ring us. But either way both cars got sorted quickly. Mine was on the dyno straight away. We discussed figures and decided to go for 340bhp. Which isn't crazy as it would easily hit 360+ but I wanted a nice reliable figure on the clutch. So as the dyno runs went we was seeing it was struggling. The next dyno run it blew a boost pipe off, from what we could tell this was leaking for quite a while. Once that was 're tied on we was hitting very high figures easily. But we found a problem with the fuel pressure at 5000rpm. Scratching our heads Paul changing his lambo sensor on the exhaust probe and tried again but the same issue.
    So we come to the conclusion the fuel pump is fucked some how. Which is a first for Paul to see. It was just running too lean. So the car has been mapped but needs to go back for a new fuel pump and another run on the dyno. Shit happens but atleast it was found there and not half around spa.

    ITG intake will be fitted with the new fuel pump when she goes back soon so ill let you know figures wise once its been done.

    New track wheels on

    [​IMG]IMG-20180311-WA0006 by james simpson, on Flickr

    so next question. Been looking at coilovers and ive narrowed it down to the KW clubsports and the AST 5100.
    Which ones?! daily car with handful of track days and a few road trips to the ring. 2k budget.
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  11. -Jamie-

    -Jamie- RSM Moderator

    I'd seriously have a look at the BC's and spend the change elsewhere, Id probably be doing the same in your position.

    Get Charlie at CGR to spec the rates to suit and you'll be surprised as to how good they are

    AST's are now closer to £2400 anyway
  12. yeah i did look for quite a while but alot of people said if you can afford it then maybe push for some ast's.
    i can get the 5100 for 2k with topmounts by having a friend of a friend lol. but im in no hurry to make a decision. Just interested on peoples thoughts. Tho the BC's have got some good credit and worth a look.
  13. -Jamie-

    -Jamie- RSM Moderator

    Dont get me wrong, I love mine and they are probably the best thing ive done. I paid a substantial amount less than RRP mind you but if i were buying new again id be hard pushed to look past the BC's and spending the leftover on other parts lol
  14. yeah i keep seeing them mentioned and they're almost so cheap you look past them!
  15. So the car is officially complete. New fuel pump went into the car today with a cold ITG air intake.
    Was a long day again but was well worth it, Great laugh and full of characters up at RST.
    Car ran perfect on the dyno. Nice figures of 345bhp and 355lfbs.
    She sounds absolutely amazing on full beans. The intake sucks like no noise youve ever heard and them seems to dump it sounding almost like a dump valve. I dont think many cars could pull of this mod if it was on a standard 250.
    but because the exhaust being quite loud and being a hybrid turbo i really think it complements it.
    Sounds great and i'm over the moon with her.
    Bring on spa :grin:
    Still looking at fitting some ast 5100 but that would be it i think.
    [​IMG]20180323_111908 by james simpson, on Flickr
    [​IMG]20180323_100847 by james simpson, on Flickr
    [​IMG]20180323_175430 by james simpson, on Flickr
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  16. Well i think Spa is going to some great fun, bring it on :laughing::laughing::laughing:
  17. cant wait mate! :laughing:
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  19. Seem to have the fuelpump issue myself, any reason why Paul didn't fit an uprated one - as you seem to be doing quite some track time?
  20. Wasnt worth the upgrade in the end. Standard one is more than up to the job. If we could we would of but it just wasnt worth the time and effort. :smile:
  21. Cars looking well. Does your car already have coilovers or springs
  22. Just H&Rs currently. Changes soon
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  23. Thought it looked lower, I'm thinking also about the bc coilovers and getting it corner weighted. They seem good coilovers for the price.
  24. i dont think you can beat them for the price. Seems like a no brainer to me.
  25. Nice thread! Love the wheels.
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  26. Car looks amazing !
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  27. Do you happen to know the partcode of the pump, how much was it?
  28. no idea mate. was genuine so about 200
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  30. Snetterton was incredible. The car felt sharp flat and poised which in turn allowed me to get on the power alot earlier!
    A few obligatory pictures and a video!
    Was a very hot day the car crept up to about 118c oil temp max. which is pretty hot but ill keep an eye on it over the next track days and decide if it needs an oil cooler or not. Tho i think it was down to the silly 29degrees we had!

    [​IMG]95F_8857 by james simpson, on Flickr[​IMG]95F_8986 by james simpson, on Flickr[​IMG]95F_9695 by james simpson, on Flickr
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  31. Car looks fantastic. Are the wheels 19? They'd look good on mine too, I'm getting a lot of flak for not having red wheels so this would be a good option, cheaper than the Renault versions too! :smiley:
  32. thanks mate! No theyre 18s, i cant afford the tyres for 19s haha.
    Great wheels! Rally tarmac wheels so you can smash the kerbs.
  33. nice car mate
  34. Great day at donington with open track days! cant recommend them enough. smooth and laid back.
    car was faultless as per usual.
    ASTs performed great especially through the last chicane on to the pit straight!
    Only gripe was the yokohamas just wouldnt grip when i was on the power which defo hurt my lap times. but i wasnt there chasing times! Great track and its one of the best uk circuits ive been too. best time was a 1min 24 with a passenger which is fairly respectable!

    [​IMG]30165508528_9027e2c529_o by james simpson, on Flickr[​IMG]42225099160_8c18f597a4_o by james simpson, on Flickr[​IMG]43985362222_54e1064ee5_o by james simpson, on Flickr[​IMG]42225150870_2c0fac29cb_o byjames simpson, on Flickr
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  35. what do you use to mount camera on the recaro?
  36. This monstrosity. Back of the recaro. Tho was slightly bent at donny. My fault for not checking. [​IMG][​IMG]

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  37. Car looks great!! What size and offset are wheels?
  38. cheers bud.
    47 offset. looks great with camber on the front!
  39. Been a while since I've updated this.

    Megane been going well.
    Just went in for a service.

    New uprated lower ball joints
    Nano drive plus oil and filter
    Oil catch can fitted
    ITG induction cleaned
    New Alcantara steering wheel
    093e0b68f7913b6b47997f663e3c6d95.jpg 38c61bc80f42b69421cdd824a245fd6f.jpg 1de186c890d0f729cc8aeae7167fca00.jpg

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