275 Jacking Points - Whoops

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  1. I know this has been asked before but I've just damaged my sill so worth a discussion!

    Where do people jack and place axle stands? I've been going my this diagram and successfully jacked up fine until yesterday!
    I must have placed the jack a little too far forward, but you usually can't see the frame rail. I was also using a small rubber pad (hockey puck) and I think this slipped forward a bit and off the rail. Deffo my fault but thought I would share. Will be nervous about jacking again unless the answer is just to be careful and jack in the right spot, maybe use a big block of wood to distribute the load?


    Enjoy the pics, car currently in the body shop so fun times all round :worried:
    Arch trim removed:


  2. Nasty! Did you use a trolley jack or scissor one?
  3. Yeah, trolley jack! Fair bit of damage but could have been worse!
  4. I did exactly this with a trolley jack...what you need in a low profile jack, with large flat lifting foot with rubber insert.
    you can then jack the car up with ease on the original lifting points,knowing you have a much bigger,non slip pad on the lifting points.
    The smaller lifting point trolley jacks have tendency to creep when going up/down,encouraging a slip...with disastrous results.
    My cill had to be pulled out with rods,and cost a fair few hundred to fkn sort out!


    This is what i bought..they do a pack with very good axle stands to..

    Its a one handed operation jack to...brilliant value for such a sturdy,but light jack..
  5. Hi
    On your first diagram there are the three bolts that hold the frame for the subframe, one big bolt and two smaller ones behind, i place the axle stand behind those bolts, but on top of the axle stands i have a 100mm long piece of wood 25mm x 50mm, lifted my engine out numerous times and its rock solid.

    I also have a similar jack to Andrewjeffs, with a large plate with a rubber pad on the inside, but mine is a Clarke one
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  7. Perfect, cheers mate!!
    I was searching for something like that for ages. Would have saved me several hundred pounds if I'd seen that before lol. Much nicer jacking from the jacking point too
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  8. jacking points are absolutely fine if you have a wide footed jack..virtually impossible for it to slip,as the lifting area is so much bigger,with the rubber insert to prevent damage to the lifting point..as that in itself can easily get damaged ..
  9. Cheers guys, I nearly bought a similar jack a while ago but put it off!
  10. i know mate...i fkn wish i didnt as well!.
    The one i put up is so light you can carry it in one hand,but is rated at 1.5tonnes.
    Being a one handed operation jack,and low profile..it so easy to use on cars like ours.
    And like me..i expect you are very paranoid to jack the car up again...but trust me...its would be almost impossible to make this one slip of the mounting point.

    I can still feel that horrible sinking feeling when mine slipped off when letting the jack down....never taking a chance with a crap jack again.You live and learn..
  11. have to say cost of that SGS jack is amazing considering they cost that around 12 years ago when first bought mine
  12. I know I think I might invest in one. Better than my halfords trolley jack
  13. all those alloy lo level jacks are identical (single piston 1.5 ton) just re-branded and re priced, SGS, Costco, Clarkes and others all stock them at various prices
    Only thing need keep eye on are the hex head bolts that hold them together, most them tend to vibrate loose at some point when dragging it around. I thread-locked all mine in place. The jacks themselves should last for many years
  14. Tex


    Yup, I love my Costco aluminium racing jack.
  15. I've got the Clarke one too. Nice and light, does the job. Wish I knew about the SGS one though as i would've saved myself a few quid!
  16. And me, might get one anyway, can't have too many jacks, only got 4 at the moment :laughing::laughing:
  17. Exactly what happened to me as well. I trusted the service manual, and this is what I get

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