Issues with my R26..

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  1. Hi guys,iam a R26 owner and wonder if any of the guys on here could help me out with a couple of issues.

    After ive driven the car for a bit,it really struggles to restart,and then when it does,the accelerator pedal doesnt work! I have to restart the car numerous times to get the pedal working again.

    My other problem is that 'check injectors' shows up on the dash and the car is in limp mode - doesnt rev over 2500 rpm!

    Are these two problems linked?

    Its going in the garage next week but just wondered if anyone has had this before...
  2. Does anyone know what this could be? The garage wasnt certain so im going to have to take it yet again..
  3. i am sure somebody will help at some point...
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  4. Fault Code : 'DF079 Motorized Throttle valve automatic control'
  5. check the throttle body if it actuate properly when you depress the throttle as it is driven by the ecu so if it is faulty and the open differs from the throttle angle input it will through an error
  6. Ok,i think its fixed - the throttle body needed replacing.

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