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  1. As I've got a little one due in a month, I want to put the seat into my car.

    Can anyone tell me where I can find the isofix points in the rear? Probably abit of a noob question.

    I have the isofix connections which came with the travel system but I'm at a loss.

    Thanks all
  2. There should be some tags at the bottom of the rear seatback saying ISOFIX. Alternatively you can feel them through the seat near the seatbelt buckles and across.
  3. Found them, cheers pal
  4. Good luck. The rear facing child seats can be a pain in a 3 door car.

    We used to always step inside the car with the front seat pushed forward. And you can buy a curved mirror to angle on the rear head rest so you can see the babies face when driving.

    Once you are in front facing easier ( & safer than 5 door as no rear door for them to open)

    You don't need to go five door. We had a R26 and Clio Trophy when our daughter was born.

    Good Luck.

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