Is the Megane the best car you ever had?

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  1. I was reading my Evo Magazine that popped through the door no 279.

    It had an E30 M3 vs CSL vs M2 CS. With E30 on the cover.

    They were all 5 Star cars but the said the E30 was one of the all time greats. Generally shared by all journalist.

    Now I have had an E30 M3 for a couple of years and did 20k in it as my daily. When it was not really worth anything. Best time to have owned it. Replaced it with a 2 year old P1 with Alcon brake upgrade etc.

    I liked them both.

    But when asked I would say Megane was my Favourite car. Both My R26 Lux that I owned from 9 months old or my LY Cup-S.

    Is it your favourite?
  2. It all depends on what i'm doing, i do really enjoy my Megane but if i was doing a long trip say around Europe or driving around the UK then i think i would use my SL55 :sunglasses::sunglasses:
  3. same here. The Megane is a great great hot hatch, the last real ones ( mk2 , mk3 gen ) , but when it comes to doing comfortable things... nope.. you need something else, it's just too hardcore, and let alone if you tune it or make it louder, it becomes even worse.. you can't drive it relaxed.
  4. Short answer, yes. I’ve driven mine to South of France and back twice, no problem, the car is pretty standard.
  5. I had a MK1 Focus RS back in 2007 untill 2010 and then bought a MK2 Focus ST and sold it in 2012 and bought my house in 2013. Had a couple of ST170’s and Fiesta Zetec S’s here and there and my 2007 R26 is the best car I’ve had and the longest I’ve owned a car for (5 years in january). FRS had a diff that wanted to kill you and the Sparco seats which were standard focus seats with a metal frame welded on underneath the foam were very uncomfortable. R26 has a diff that pulls you into corners and very comfortable Recaro’s. Always had fords until I bought my Megane and want to keep it forever :smile:
  6. It's my second car (Alfa 147 was my first) so don't really have much to compare it to.
    I will have a hard time saying goodbye to this one though. I think it's special. It looks good, it's well built in my opinion and has been very reliable in the 2,5 years that I have owned it.

    I think it's strong point is that it's not much of a compromise. It's hardcore en does really well what it's built for. It loves corners! I feel like they have really tried to make an RS different from it's more regular brothers.

    There are some cars that I would like to have owned in my life, an Alfa with the V6 Busso or the E92 M3 are two of them but I'm not done with the RS yet, I think it's brilliant.
  7. You see alot of people swapping between porsches, m cars, lotus and rs megane.

    I came from an e92 m3 to my megane. Pretty much a straight swap.

    E92, Outstanding engine. You need deep pockets though. Cant be long before they go fkat in depreciation. Thaf will offset the running costs.

    Definately a car to own in your life.
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  8. -Jamie-

    -Jamie- RSM Moderator

    My E92 M3 is the better car although I guess that's very subjective.

    Meganes are easy to drive quick and probably why a lot swap to something else then end up back in them

    Plus they are pretty cheap to run for the performance they have

    Don't think I'd get another though
  9. Not the fastest, nor the best sounding But up there with a fun drivers car. Pretty hard to beat for the money they cost now a days.

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