Is Modding Worth it? RS250

Discussion in 'Megane Discussion' started by MorganJames, Nov 1, 2019.

  1. MorganJames

    MorganJames RSM Club Member

    Looking into next year and debating on either upgrading the Megane in terms of power + handling, or selling it and moving onto something new.

    The Megane is stock at the minute with only a BMC air filter. Looking at spending £3,000 on mods or looking for a new car in the £15,000 area.

    Views on your own experiences with mods and if you felt you made the right decision will be appreciated!
  2. Mods are a very personal thing. Megane rs is already pretty niche car. So you will make it a harder sell unless you fit well known products by reputable specialists.

    Harder to sell means you will likely wave goodbye to your 3k.

    Then again if it means you are happy with your car and keep it another 18 months as you are enjoying it so much then your next car will likely be cheaper and offset this cost.
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  3. What are you planning on spending 3k on?? Just get it properly remapped, and don't bother with anything else
  4. Good compromise on 80/20 approach.

    I got my meg r26 remapped. It was my only mod.
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  5. MorganJames

    MorganJames RSM Club Member

    Remap, Intercooler, Cat-Back Exhaust, Lowering Springs/Shocks. Most of the cost for me is Labour as unfortunately i have no where at home to carry it out. KTEC quote 2,250 for all the above (their own brands)
  6. MorganJames

    MorganJames RSM Club Member

    was debating this as from the list of above, reading other peoples results on adding that theres only a power increase of 20hp.
  7. MorganJames

    MorganJames RSM Club Member

    understand this, main reason why im hesitating on starting on the megane! haha
  8. What are you thinking of getting in the £15k region?

    Does that move the game on in performance & handling from a std or Modified Megane?
  9. The only car I consider buying one and modding is a mx5 mk3 and take it to bbr and get them to turbo it.
  10. Some stickers and a de-badge is all I would ever do. Does wonders for the straight line speed.
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  11. the amount of serious ££ I've spent in the past on mods depresses me. Never get it back then when it's all finished get bored because there's nothing else to do and sell it. So the answer is... keep it standard or if you must have mods buy one that some other mug has shit loads of money on. My contentment now is to keep my Trophy beautifully standard just as it came out of the factory. IMO easier to sell as well when the time comes.
  12. MorganJames

    MorganJames RSM Club Member

    TTRS, granted it's a completely different car. And as your other comment, I've thought of that before! Think it's £5,800 for their stage two turbo kit? Seems amazing!
  13. MorganJames

    MorganJames RSM Club Member

    Every bit of weight reduction counts lol
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  14. MorganJames

    MorganJames RSM Club Member

    Just think a remap and a few aesthetics, going to try and keep the car really clean!
  15. TTRS is different animal. That's where your modding gets you step changd oerformancd. To supercar baiting.
  16. MorganJames

    MorganJames RSM Club Member

    With an ABT intercooler and a map you're pushing 420 bhp never mind going further with exhaust etc! Think it's one for me to think about over a months period, will be April next year when I'll be looking to swap

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