Intermittent abs fault

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  1. Just picked up an rs250 cup that keeps getting intermittent esp abs and brake system fault is there any known faults which people would try first the guy who sold it me said it would be a sensor. First french car ive owned always had bmw previous and absolutely fell in love with the front end turn in
  2. Needs to be plugged into a diagnostics machine to see what is causing the fault. I'd imagine I probably is one of the wheel sensors, but plugging it in will tell you which one and save you any guesswork
  3. When is this happening?

    Mine will flash up with an ABS fault when the steering has been on full lock, with the warning up for 30 seconds or so then clearing.
    Turns out it's an ABS sensor lead which, thanks to its routing, gets overworked in a particular spot when on full lock and eventually damages the wires, so the signal gets interrupted and the fault code shows.

    The garage diagnosed mine when I got my cambelt done. New cable is the fix if this is the problem.
  4. Mine's been doing the same for a while. I conveniently work at at Renault dealership, so had it diagnosed by a colleague - mine's calling an error on the ABS-pump-block itself unfortunately. If we clear the error, it sometimes comes back the next time I start the car and reach 5 mph'ish (when the pump does the check-cycle routine), but sometimes it doesn't come back for months. So I'm hoping it's a wiring issue somewhere... :/
  5. Thanks. Il get down to a garage soon and get it plugged in then n see whats happening i i w just wondering if there was a common fault.
  6. Did the issue resolve ? Having a similar problem with my 250 cup at the moment, but comes on intermittently after giving it some abuse and then resolves ! Plugged it in and it's throwing up both fronts and rear left wheel sensors, but had my friend use clip a week before and it only showed front right - any ideas ?

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