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  1. Yeah. Mine is going on a totally stock 230. So I can do before and after, on stock map, and then put the map on and do a stage 1 log for temps too... All in the same day with similar ambients.
  2. Have these not been around a while? I bought a new one from a guy on megane sport around 2 years ago, who seemed to discover them and did a group buy.

    They look good although they are fairly heavy compared with the forge and I've had a few of those, quality wise I think they are worth the money and I could feel the extra torque on a standard R26!
  3. I wonder who that could have been ...
  4. Ah yes, hello Andy sorry! not been very active on the megane scene over the past years due to loosing interest despite still owning an R26 and 250! If you remember I collected it from your pal with the R5 GTT!
  5. The extra weight will be from the cast end tanks.. I did wonder about that! As long as the mounts are study enough should be ok!
  6. When somebody gets to change theirs can they do a side by side comparison for dimensions please.
    Would be nice to see the size difference.

  7. theres a few photos on my project thread
  8. Don't think so, I imagine a couple of years ago it would have been the Chinese intercoolers, the core on these ones seem much better (internally)
  9. The actual core on the early coolers was superb. In fact there are very few core manufactures out there.

    The welds were also really quite good on the early ones.

    They were just heavy
  10. They must have cheaped out at some point then Andy, as my Chinese one and a few others I've seen, the core is nothing alike no turbulators and much much bigger channels.
    Although tbh I've got no complaints from my Chinese one it did it's job exactly as it said on the tin. It does weigh significantly lighter than the "new" one I bought off eBay.
  11. Its the main issue with Chinese Manufacturers.

    Pete starts the company , makes a great product
    Sells it to John , who changes something
    Gail gets it next and changes something

    A once good value for money intercooler is now poor.
  12. I out some info on who makes these in the thread... I checked out the domain name and saw there used to be a website but I don't think it works anymore :worried:
  13. Forge only weld together parts and make the end plates fyi
  14. The cooler I bought the core looked like it could of been made from a different material and thats where the weight came from, welds were neat, I think it was £200 but couldn't remember exactly still on the R26 and going fine! I just remember thinking it was really heavy!
  15. i have just got one of these off of ebay and got it for £132 inc delivery.
    it arrived quickly and was well packaged.
    fit was 95% and the brackets just needed tweaking to slip over the mounts which was no problem.
    its has definitely improved power and drive ability but it has now highlighted the fact that my clutch is needing doing!! lol
  16. I think its decent for the money its well worth it, thats a great price aswell i paid quite a bit more. seemed to fit all fine aswell apart from the cover parts like you say
  17. Another one came up on eBay from blackr13 so I invested haha. Looks alright from the people's comments on here. :smile:
  18. Be getting mine fitted come next service
  19. Received mine yesterday. Will hopefully be fitting on Saturday when I do my clutch. It looks decent enough!
  20. my eBay cooler

  21. Anyone got any comparisons to the standard unit yet? I've got dash command so am able to monitor intake temps. I can't do any back to back comparisons but I know on stage 1 I was easily able to get intake temps upto 50 degrees when pressing on hard.
  22. Just a thought as I'm not by the car.. Using the torque app can you get intake temps
  23. Yeah you can use the torque app, I have just picked up a cooler from the seller lolly on eBay and should be fitting it at the weekend so will try and do some comparisons.
    Cooler looks really good, not bad for 117 quid! 00c34191213022cfacc31e63781805d0.jpg 7c069a2b9d9d2d43ceefd0d68d7bc8b9.jpg
  24. I've bought one of these from the seller Lolly on ebay. I have just fitted it today and on the whole is was a straight forward job to do. Need some new plastic screws though.

    The intercooler was very awkward to get into position as the brackets appeared to be slightly off but I got there in the end. It reminds me a lot of the earlier Forge motorsport intercoolers, not the lightest but well built and constructed.
  25. had mine fitted tues and not worth doing intake temp log data until a good trackday thrashing imo, but I will post results when I get em after Llandow in may and castle combe in june
  26. How did you manage to get the plastic pieces back on that cover the intercooler pipes. I gave up in the end.
  27. do your homework weres the chap selling from weres forge located
  28. They were cut too shape mate with a grinder, marked careful with a pencil then ground off :smile:))
  29. I've just bought the same one as midnightrunner. I'm going x-ray it (as mentioned earlier in the thread) so if anyone is interested I'll pop the results up on here.
  30. Had it fitted today... For some reason my tourque app didn't have my renault specific dials so I couldn't get before temps
  31. Sorry to bump an old thread but what was the general consensus? Winner racing fmic or the other one jjones found (dunno where its from)?

    Reason I ask is cause my temps have started to creep just past the half way mark on track, and i'd ideally prefer these alternatives to the 400+ airtec unit :smile:.
  32. I can't advise on temps ... But it's been perfect since I had it fitted and the engine feels strong no matter the weather ... I noticed a reduction in power on hot days with the standard cooler which I don't get with my eBay one

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