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  1. i think i may have found the fabricators website. i popped his email in to google and came up with this: although the website don't work.

    i also checked the domain and it's registered to the same person, so yeah it does look as though it's fabricated in the UK... not too sure on the cores though... will wait and see when i receive it to give my visual opinion and take some pics of it :smile:
  2. Received my cooler... Looks good quality... Can't wait to get It fitted!!





  3. Looking good ive purchased one aswell looking forward to receiving it
  4. It's design is very similar to the forge one... Especially the end tanks... Would be good to get some performance stats... Although I don't have the tech for that...
  5. got mine today from the same guy, looking to fit it early January, can't wait!


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  6. all being well getting mine fitted tomorrow!
  7. It looks like the Godspeed one I had a few years ago. The tanks on the end kept splitting....
  8. you got me worried now but hopefully it will be ok
  9. Is the chap still selling these?
  10. Its the quality of the actual inside core i was impressed with, the inside surface area compared to my chinese one must be much greater even if the actual intercooler is smaller.
    What stats would you be after? i'l see if i have any spare time in work to play around before i get around to fit it
  11. I suppose just how well it maintains the inlet temps? I don't know much behind the physics lol just know that the branded ones don't allow inlet temps to go much above ambient temperature..
  12. I still dispute that without seeing any actual data!

    I think TFD did some data on their airtech intercooler going round the ring and i was genuinely impressed with their graphs, but i've never seen any data for forge / k-tec/ pace etc - only owners saying there much better than cheapo ones as the "temps only went 2degrees above ambient while going round ........" and if that didnt involve datalogging can you really do a track day while looking at a scaguage/ meter etc constantly? Which is why i still contest that issue!

    When i did some digging a while back i found k-tec did some in house testing of their intercoolers and even their tests (which admittedly are probably biased) had their 80mm intercooler peaking 11 degrees above ambient on a WOT run (although it doesnt state what gear(s) used, up to what speed etc etc).
    While the branded forge one allegedly peaked 26 degrees above ambient (k-tecs 50mm intercooler was 19 degrees above ambient).

    Its generally only when pootling about that the inlet temps will be near ambient - in k-tecs tests they did a test of inlet temps while pootling around at 60mph and they were all 3-5 degrees above ambient

    I'l be abe to get data of how well it maintains the inlet temps, but not until i fit it and do some logging which won't be for a while (a month or two i imagine)
  13. Fair enough... I see what you mean by proper data lifting... I was just thinking scangauge test (as I've read on here) didn't realise they were live results and not logged as I suppose there will be big differences when the car is fully lit compared to when you're cooling down... As long as it's better than the std and performs well enough for a stg 1 .. I'll be happy lol
  14. Anyone if this chap is still selling them at all?
  15. And you don't think TFD's data could be biased? Plus I've seen nothing to suggest ktecs data isn't accurate on these tests.

    He sells these so there's no way he will say they are crap.

    Still no independent road data though, seeing as that's where most cars are driven not the ring.
  16. No not at all, it could well be biased, but imo it's harder to forge a load of logs/ graphs etc from whatever he used (the rstuner box IIRC).
    Than it is to simply say "my x y z brand intercooler is the best as it only went 2 degrees above ambient.
    Or to provide a load of data with no logs etc.
    Tbf TFD only logged there own intercooler not in comparison to rival brands.

    I think it would also be harder to fake data while going round the ring than it would on a dyno etc.
    Only IMO
  17. This I would like to see. Be nice to have a definitive answer but doubt it will ever happen.
  18. I will do the same with the airtech JJ, I will log some files of some normal/hard (cough cough) day to day driving and also some track logs with standard I/C and then do the same when the airtech is fitted to get some comparisions, its a shame some other cant with there different branded intercoolers as then we could make a post of the differing temps of the diff I/C's , surprised you veterans aint already lol. but same as you JJ will take a month or 2, hey but its a start right :blush:
  19. TBF anything is better than the standard IC. I wouldn't be concerned about a small change in temp unless your running serious power
  20. I can monitor it in my chinese cooler meg.
  21. Dont do that. People will realise they don't need a stupidly massive Intercooler then.
  22. Mine was an early one. Dont think you can get it any more.

    Ill sell it at a massive profit.
  23. I meant for the same money or even a bit less than an Airtec intercooler you can get an ebay intercooler and a 250 turbo which would give much more bang for the buck.

    If I was to mod a standard megane this is the route I would choose.
  24. Link for 250 turbo?
  25. did you get your cooler fitted Charlie?
  26. Not yet canky... My times been taken up with flat hunting... I'm hoping to get It done soon though
  27. May be worth contacting him birchy.. He May be able to knock one up..
  28. Just ordered mine.. Welds and construction look a bit better than the Chinese ones... More rows than the stock item, slightly larger, and denser looking fin arrangement.. Can't be worse than the stock item!.. Quality if fit is the next hurdle.. Anyone with any feedback from these coolers?

  29. Wonder if he might do rads as well . . .
  30. No idea,

    But I'm going to do back to back logs of inlet temps before and after fitting in the most controlled way I can.. That way we have some hard data which we currently don't have..
  31. Ive bought one of these sat also from blackr13 and will take it into work when it comes and have the welds x-rayed for there quality, we test to aircraft quality so will be interesting in the results I get for the welds and quality of metal.
  32. Excellent. - Some decent information and actuall data coming on this then!

    Even if the preformance doesn't totally match the near £500 ones on offer, I bet pound for pound it it'llbe a decent alternative...
  33. Well what you know just got home from work and there it is, looks well made to me and to be honest what the hell for £145, ok the welding is not to electron beam welding standard like im used to in the aircraft industry, but to be fair it looks pretty even overall on the outside, I will get the welds x-ray'd tested at 80-90-100% hopefully sometime next week and this will check for flaws, bubbles and fratctures and it will check the quality of the metal, will also give it the guys at our welding bay and see what they say. and with 3hirty8ight temp data we should get a decent picture of this cheap I/C...
  34. Daz


  35. Yup, I'm not back in the country till the 2nd of March, so will be a short wait to find out! Got mine for £150 inc delivery..

    Does it look like a copy of the Forge item?
  36. Im currently running this cooler. Have no data to work with but seems ok definately better than stock.

    Looked pretty much like the forge one. Hoping with my impending remap it will help.
  37. Don't think there is a forge connection but then at that price I don't care aslong as the welds are good and decent metal used, going in engine bay not the dash so I don't care what it looks like, will just wait now until the quality x-ray dept lets me know , hopefully with some pics :smile:

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