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  1. Ebay item: 151499815160

    I asked about who manufactures it and the response was I can't tell you but it's UK manufactured. The person's offered closer pics and I've asked for dimensions... It looks decent... But just a little dubious with the claims etc...
  2. I think that looks like an early chinese cooler thats been polished.

    on the ad is says not airtec or forge...
  3. I asked same question mate dimensions are 275x570x63
  4. 13 cooling rows. Looks like a cheap one to me also.
  5. Yeah I thought as much... When someone is a bit too secretive about the info it always gets me thinking... Bit misleading with their info...

    I recently bought my new phone and there was no secrets of where it was coming from (hong Kong) where as others I contacted where like it's coming from Europe but you have to put this code in it for it to work etc... Dodge! Lol
  6. I bought ebay item number 221625253441 13 rows and 11" heigh and 6kg....not sure i want to fit it

    how much is the stock Renault one?
  7. Its got to be better than standard and at least it was cheap. Some mug paid double that for the other one.
  8. Intercooler.JPG

    Does anyone know how much the stock one is?

    how much is the Forge one?
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  9. Those end's aren't plastic ate they ??
  10. Tbh I'm not sure if it is a Chinese one, it's highly polished, the welding is better, the brackets are better and the inside core is much better my Chinese one (I asked for inside pics of the core).
    The inner core looks as good as any I've seen, it has nice small channels and turbulators too.
  11. The guy says they're manufactured in the UK.. Think he may actually be the fabricator.. J what's the quality like?
  12. Just seen it's a different account but similar to the one I posted..
  13. This is pure speculation but from looking at the core, and the weight of it and the fact it comes from Gloucester it may be a former/ current employee of forge. I had the impression from my messages with him that he may be the fabricator although it was never confirmed.
  14. Now you mention it.. It does look very similar to the forge one.. Looks like triple j got a bargain
  15. I picked one up too after asking for picks of inside the core, outside of eBay though.
    I probably won't get around to fitting it till the new year though. It is quite heavy compared to my winner racing one (from memory) I haven't compared total size yet though but my winner racing one had 17 rows I think so Will probably be a bit bigger.
  16. So will you be running this new one over your winner Racing one?
  17. Forge actually have a uk supplier to all cores now not cheapo Asian cores fyi
  18. I'm going to fit it and try it out then decide after I've done a bit of datalogging. But I'm quite impressed with the build quality tbh.
    I was going to try and fashion a air scoop like the airtech one too.

    Does anyone know how far the airtech scoop protrudes?
  19. Yeah the core on my latest one doesn't look anything like my Chinese one. I'm not sure if it is a UK core or not but it's completely different to my Chinese one.
  20. 349e4289359aaf8fbe853cce9795dbb7.jpg there's a quick pic of the core, sorry about the quality but my battery is low so won't let me use the flash!
  21. But there's loads more channels compared to my Chinese one you prob can't see in the pic but there also turbulators which from memory my winner racing one didn't have
  22. These are the pics the "lolly" seller sent me... Are they similar to yours JJ

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  23. I doubt the scoop will make much difference anyway, the gap under the cooler to engine tray is minimal and below the front bumper grill. Air will always try to find a path of less resistance.

    Would like to see some independent data to actually see what difference if any it does make.
  24. Yeah almost identical mate I did try to upload the pics lolly sent me but couldn't work it out!
  25. Yeah I'm not sure if it will make much difference but as that advert says every little helps!
  26. My guess is they need it on the airtec coolers due to the core being so ridiculously thick.
  27. Yeah they are big old beasts, 50% thicker than the two I've got!
    It does make sense though, sort of like a ram air intake, it should hopefully push a bit more air through the core
  28. More so it doesn't act like building a brick wall in front of the coolant radiator. They do look good and great for bragging " look at my huge intercooler, good for 500bhp" even though im only running 270 bhp.
  29. Getting the new intercooler fitted tomorrow it looks the same as the Forge one and there was Forge tape on the parcel (just a small strip).

    If it is a Forge one it was a bargain.:cool:
  30. It will be stamped forge
  31. Do Forge use 13 row cores for their Megane intercoolers?
  32. Triple j who was the person you bought it off?
  33. A couple more back on there the guy has offered me one at 135 plus p&p.. Is it Worth that? If theyre better than the winner ones I'll get one at that price :smile:
  34. Forge dont make the cores, when i go pick up my radiator i'll ask what cores the new megane coolers use
  35. Bought it at 135.. Couldn't wait any more lol
  36. Who did you buy yours off for that price? fancy one of these myself
  37. A seller called blackr13 he has one on auction at the mo
  38. Same one JJ bought
  39. It was 135 plus p&p
  40. ah yes i see that one cheers

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