Inferno Orange 225 project

Discussion in 'Megane Projects' started by Clio Nabz, Feb 9, 2020.

  1. This smile says it all my boy loves the car 359A7039-3542-4BFE-BEA3-734AED022DB8.jpeg DF8D33D4-10CD-47D1-AE37-BB26FD83450E.jpeg FD8DFF26-F5C0-404F-B277-92E796F9CEBE.jpeg
  2. Few pics before I had a blast and then it peed down all day EC2D4855-995F-43D9-97B4-4FDD7567D12E.jpeg 39CAAB7F-89B4-4B75-94F9-AF995DCEB849.jpeg 63059310-C352-4CCF-8C30-675D32BBF934.jpeg 19F3A229-B596-4CD8-92B3-9B5E53DF6F50.jpeg
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  3. This is such a tidy car mate, you must be chuffed. Will be interested to see how you get on with the battery - my understanding is that normal alternators cannot charge a lithium battery properly.

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  4. used these batteries several times never had a problem, last car was the Clio with one and that did fine even took it to Germany no problem
  5. I'm glad you drove the car! it can't be just investing money and then just looking ... they are excellent cars, they don't compare to a Porsche, but even so, they do a really big show!
  6. Battery cage finished off, stainless P clips used to hold wiring loom 9BB69914-FFF9-4699-8C35-CB323AF10298.jpeg 43B64DEF-D3BC-4963-86DC-31E11F399DC1.jpeg 79E0A55A-D5FB-4051-BC53-D8E8A620B892.jpeg C04DE02D-A44D-42D4-BA61-3C2ACE5EE1DA.jpeg
  7. Also flocked the dash, work in progress tho FD0E4D78-EF5D-4FB2-9CCD-91C2BEB1DCCE.jpeg 476613D6-1E75-4748-943F-19506EC351F6.jpeg
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  8. Flocked centre console is in! Looks well came out a lot better than I thought 087CD80F-90C9-4D49-9AD3-863A73745E03.jpeg 106D85A3-C7C5-435E-A8F8-DA1DF8BADAEA.jpeg
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  9. Also got some genuine carbon rear spats that I put on with 3m tape but the previous owner put holes in them for rivets so I need some covers for them but for £30 can’t be bad 212DFFDB-8746-46B2-93E1-C0BEAC2C57D2.jpeg
  10. who makes the spats,do you know at all?
  11. Mega carbon but they don’t make them any more
  12. matt e

    matt e South East RSM Area Rep

    i think PPF looks better than a bit of carbon stick on the side of the car imo
  13. Yeah I know what you’re saying pal but I’m giving this a go, it can always come back off
  14. Did a buy! Something a little different, not everyone’s taste but I like it 4BB03AA4-90FA-478B-AF5B-A03B7E8A873E.jpeg B00F08C4-39EA-4139-AE7C-E5802AC2A4B3.jpeg 79CA1949-74BA-4360-91B6-EC26A4C9A084.jpeg FA901D41-685C-4E02-B5C2-E3900BFD746C.jpeg 2EBEEC3E-C20A-4972-96A9-7DAC93FB1A59.jpeg
  15. Turbo cooling duct fitted! Does it do anything really tho who knows! But does it look cool yes! DC497B92-BF70-458D-B94E-67387492608B.jpeg
  16. Is that a Renault item or have you had it custom made?
  17. it’s a genuine Renault item very rare as I’ve only seen a handful of these, bolts in all original bolt holes, but like I said not sure if it does cool the turbo much but I’m sure it will keep temps down a little in the bay
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  18. Ive never seen one, was it a hot climate only extra or an option?
  19. Mr Spoon

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    looking sweet. If you take your little one out of the car you will save even more weight :wink: :smile:
  20. Not sure I’m still researching them tbh but think they are out of a Renault scenic with the same engine, but are hard to come by
  21. went for a nice drive today without the boy
  22. Few pics not it’s out in the sun 27AB8F4A-EA80-45B8-925E-6E08B05DDA8E.jpeg 3CB18AAF-D439-481A-A8E3-DE2A938DA344.jpeg B6624DBD-297F-4B41-805F-8F3D909123E5.jpeg

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  23. Went to see Gareth yesterday to sort some lights on the dash, top man knows his stuff and loves a Megane or 2 ha! He had more parked up at other houses to!
    My little lad loves the carbon seats in the R26r 04198F30-53CE-45CC-9A22-6B455C0E0E68.jpeg D51B5562-4DB3-411A-9036-5CB7DBCE9C4E.jpeg
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  24. Fabricated a deflector plate for the turbo cooler, hopefully will draw some air from the front grill now 5F1C9196-2E74-4B25-93E4-1B7F51605533.jpeg D9935A6B-1839-4FA6-B437-ACFA45285C25.jpeg 0289C1E5-1AAC-4DFE-9C7E-E0E6AA546DFB.jpeg 6469938F-9C80-41F3-8162-229E692219C4.jpeg 2F8897E8-169C-4EB7-9E1D-578FC4032EF3.jpeg F807E6A5-0401-45D5-AFCE-9648A5356F1F.jpeg DBCC1FE2-2D11-475B-B097-D4DF3A5A8A87.jpeg 0A2231D1-1D46-4990-98BA-16DA324ACD4B.jpeg A46F6656-884B-4329-86E1-A94D54468CFA.jpeg 842A1A2F-B67F-4E53-B6F4-D682369F2AD5.jpeg A7DF3DF2-C2F7-4030-ACE2-21484CA149E6.jpeg 3A551721-F2EB-414A-BC94-728B8BCFE123.jpeg
  25. Did a little more flocking today also 6FAA8303-8089-405D-9026-1240E382D0C8.jpeg
  26. Nice fab work nabz.
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  27. Fitted B8FD5A2C-7E6A-4E14-9BA5-D6268690FFD0.jpeg EAA7DD1B-EC99-44CA-93DF-EAE06A9A66E2.jpeg
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  28. Had chips away come to take away a few stone chips and side rash, love them or hate them it’s a lot better than what it was and I think they have done alright to be honest FEE18438-39A0-43B8-96D0-58B9721BB4AE.jpeg 97AEAF87-2A95-4EF9-BE72-5238DAC0BF2A.jpeg DA153685-7F79-45C5-B2DD-A728ADB206EA.jpeg
  29. Also small mod of replacing all the jubilee clips to stainless steel ones to tidy the bay up 8D829A38-9D7A-461F-BEB4-C94E7B442261.jpeg D11AC8FC-4E30-4BFB-AD9B-0ACAB3FF2537.jpeg 4686DE25-59DB-4374-90DE-E3E345BC1A01.jpeg
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  30. Quick clean and a day out at cars and coffee Barton! Didn’t come back to dirty tbh but it did have a good thrash
    Some of the Fiesta Rs also ( mate of mine ) 21D9113A-442F-4105-9654-9E3A2B202793.jpeg D2EB5533-2540-4127-8F54-CBCA1FE50EA1.jpeg EA3CB73D-EBDE-4345-8AEB-3FE16463EE1A.jpeg BA486639-A19B-442C-B72F-41A4552C37A3.jpeg A7F036E7-9B4D-4F7F-8326-9B537602FFFE.jpeg 94421A2D-9EE2-4568-9696-99D4D4271959.jpeg E0D9F158-7537-479A-8FCA-43503AE0CB19.jpeg 48C500BE-4453-4FB3-A792-A3E591E04A80.jpeg 10B104A9-C01E-4613-A6C4-607A511BFCF2.jpeg 98C68903-EC0D-44DE-B6FD-DADA0A11A167.jpeg
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  31. Those Fiesta are very rares in Spain. I only seen one in my life!
  32. I love how OCD this thread is. Wish I had the time to do this stuff!

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  33. quick in its day..very basic underneath though, which made them a handful standard.
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