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  1. forge said I can’t have an induction kit because it’s to crammed in my engine bay? But I’ve seen the same car as mine (r26) does anybody recommend any.
  2. Make your own or KTEC racing's one with the heat shield is probably the simplest though not cheapest solution. Can fit a forge intake silicone pipe to go with it.
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  3. I have the KTEC system,which is expensive for what you actually get,but it defiantly gives a bit more power at the top of the rev range.
    Looks very neat in the engine bay with its black heat shield.
    makes a decent noise to without being to silly.
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  4. Best location for an intake..[​IMG]

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  5. ITG system is similar with proven gains.
    I always wonder about the length of the induction pipe on these systems.
    The ktec unit bolts almost direct into the inlet,which you would assume would give a faster response.
  6. These are not NA cars so they are not afected by the length of the pipe. Also I run a 70mm ID pipe all the way to the turbo at 2.3bar boost.

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  7. And one great benefit is running it like this i get IAT just before the turbo only 1 deg higher than atmosferic and standing on a redlight its no more than 5°C+ while I had it in oem location + heatshiel I couldnt get under +7°C and usually at 15°C above amient

    Edit: which is 30 deg diference for me on the hot side at least.
  8. That's surprising to hear, what intercooler are you running?

    I've got a ktec induction kit and Forge intercooler and on the road my IAT is always within a degree or 2 of ambient
  9. Sadly still on stock. But will be upgraded to double surface than the factory one is, I do as I can afford.

    But the IC has no influence on the turbo cold side temps, or the temps on the hot side of the turbo. That is the turbo outlet/ before the IC :smile:

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