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  1. Ive read various threads about fitting an induction kit to a mk3 and im still unsure if its worthwhile or not. Ive read the standard airbox is very good so not to change it but also see lots of people running cone filters. Ive currently got an itg panel filter and will be fitting a hybrid and injectors etc but will i need a cone filter to make the most out of the mods?
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  3. Is there an active link or guide to the parts needed to get the filter down to the bumper? Ive seen a view elbows and joiners being used but never a list of whats needed to route it down to the bumper.
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    Yeah I'll make you a list. I done it to mine

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  5. Thanks
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    1x 63mm - 76mm 90 degree
    2x 76mm 45 degree
    1x 76mm coupler 100mm long

    for the joiners i bought this then cut it in to sharter lengths

    get the 3"x16swg one and about 500mm long and 2 1/2 x 16swg 100mm long

    and 6 70-90 jubilee clamps
    2 60-80 jubilee clamps

    then a filter of your choice with a 76mm neck
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  7. I take it it passes the battery tray ok? I see itg use a different tray. My car is a 265 i take it the internal size of the intake pipe to the turbo is the same size as the 230 at 63mm? I had the itg on my 230 but i think there is more room on the 265 to pass the tray although the set up is almost identical.
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    ahh sorry didn't know you had a mk3, just saw your username and thought you had a mk2
  9. I know i should get that changed if its possible. The stuff you have listed will work anyway as there will be alot of adjustment if needed i just need to make sure of the inner diameter of the intake. Thanks for your help buddy
  10. Does the battery tray fit using the original bolts in the original place just with the bottom/side of the tray cut off?
  11. It will on the 225/230. Turns out the mk3 is tighter to run the hose to the bumper than i thought so i just fitted the filter were the airbox sat. Ive the above listed hoses etc in black minus the filter for anyone wanting to do this to their 225/230.
  12. Sorry to take over the thread but does anyone know what would be needed to get the following kit setup into the wheel arch. I’d rather not fit it where the standard air box is, as I’m sure I’ll just be taking in hot air.

  13. duplicated sorry.
  14. I just ended up putting the filter where the airbox was and my intake temps are no different. I secured the original feed pipe to the airbox in place so there is still a cold air feed to the filter plus it goes through the intercooler so that should cool and heat in the air.
  15. Thanks Jamie, can you send me a photo of the setup please if you have one.
  16. 494D5BD2-5EAD-4EEF-977D-4600CD57CE8D.jpeg 8E37BDF6-F380-4FE4-A272-F912D3CBBC91.jpeg
  17. Excellent. Thanks Jamie. I may well give this a go then. :smile:
  18. what have people used to secure cone filter to original intake pipe i can't get my filter to stay connected. I know intake pipes are available but the 1's i seen are like 80 quid don't want spend that much really.

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