I am defecting, farewell comrades...

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  1. The time has come.... and it has been long time coming. I've now owned 3 Renaults, a dCi, a 200 and the 250 over the course of about 9 years now and I've taken the decision to move away for the moment.

    As a one car man, finding a car to replace the Megane has been very difficult. Practical, fast, fun and smile inducing without (too) crazy running costs (well that's not true given recent bills tbh) is a difficult combination to match.

    I'm not a fan of many of the new hatches and, with the desire in the future to collect myself a new friend in the form of a puppy along with a long standing perverse love for an estate I have availed myself of the following black wagon:


    Just to prevail with some dignity it IS the petrol TSI which while a lesser 220hp, mated with the DSG box it is still fairly nippy. The spec is quite high with too much to list, panoramic sunroof is a revelation though and it rides quite nicely :smile:

    If I get bored I'm told they map to about 300hp anyway too and, I still can't quite believe it but supposedly it weighs the same as the Megane?

    Anyway, I've had a good time with the Megane and if anyone see's HV61 XRS up for sale it's been a much loved and enjoyed car, which has had a big chunk of money thrown at it recently so that a good number of the ancillaries on the engine are new.

    I'm not disappearing immediately, I pick it up Wendesday but will probably check in back here now and again and say hello :smile:

    Also, see my wheels for sale thread.... someone buy the f'ing wheels plleeeassseeeee :smiley:
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  2. Gavin.

    Gavin. RSM Admin

    I can already feel your pain on finding a Megane replacement, I'm dreading it, I knew I wanted a 250 even before I wrote off the 175 but as for what's after it, fuck knows!

    Hope you stick around mate... Gav
  3. Like these Skoda's a lot, a great all rounder. Believe Revo built a 400bhp one with only built-in bits.
  4. How dare you!,this is communistic treason!
    Buying that eastern block Trabant,spewing out fumes, with your dodgy doctored emission figures!
    I shall inform the PC police immediately!

    You bought the wrong one though...how about this?,lightweight,rear wheel drive..real mans car.


    s-l225.jpg 9a26f3c8ebbc473cc10d02d69227a290--estate-skoda.jpg

    What a beauty!Available now in kazakhstan for under 5000 sheets!,with a AK47 giftpack thrown in..
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  5. Great Skoda buddy. Petrolheads love a good fast estate. Pretty sure this will be the same as some of the earlier Cupras, S3’s etc.
  6. It's basically the Cupra/S3/R EA888 engine but with a smaller turbo. So where they map to 360ish this will just do 300, though you can swap the same turbo onto it when then you get the same power.
    I'm told as well that the DSG box is rated for a lot more torque than it'll ever put out with either setup so who knows :smile:

    I did look at the Cupra estates, but I like how low key the Skoda is after a few years of slightly indiscreet hatches.

    The DSG seems surprisingly smooth too, probably programming but I've driven a few now and often found them a bit jerky. Would still rather have something with a ZF box with how silky smooth they are but got to look at the whole package too in the end.

    I've already noticed just on the test drive it suffers a bit of from wheel hop (these engines stick out max torque surprisingly low), for which there's a fix I think involving an bottom engine mount insert.
  7. I still think the DSG is one of the best around in terms of auto/twin clutch options. My Golf was a pretty potent machine that required zero effort. A remap on this will ensure similar results I expect! The EA888 isn't the most inspiring engine but it does the goods while being pretty efficient too.

    These Octavia's are probably one of the best sensible money, do-everything cars around. Wouldn't be at all surprised if one replaces my Megane when the time comes.

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