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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by MorganJames, Jan 24, 2020.

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    Hi All,

    going to test drive a i30N Performance hatch tomorrow and just wondered if anyone on here has an opinion on them? Only downside I've been reading is the 'cheap' plastics in the interior... but to me plastic is plastic cheap or not so doubt it will bother me!
  2. Ive not long bought one. Loving it, can set all the modes how you like them, 5 year warranty, track use included, every extra known to man. I did test a 300 Trophy before buying this, for me, it just rode too hard for the roads I drive on, th I30N rides miles better, and can harden it all up with a push on the N button. The Renault is nicer inside, but apart from that, I prefer the I30N
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  3. The interior does look and feel cheap but that's exactly the same at Renault. I never liked the Megane Mk4's interior.

    The exterior does make up for it and it tops the Megane on sound! Set it into N-mode and the sound is really nice! Disliked the 19" wheels but that's an easy change. The car is really nice to drive, test drove about a year ago in same conditions as now.
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  4. I like the look at these. They get good press.

    See a few driving about which is more than I do Meganes.
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  5. I’ve had a passenger ride in one. Would describe it as a golf R for GTI money. Friend loves it
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  6. The only thing that would worry me is the residuals. Pretty unknown entity. Great buy new if slightly used with that warranty. But other cars are known for depreciation.

    I remember thinking about those protons back in early noughties. They had bought lotus. Gti type cars were thin on ground of looked bland, they came out with good reviews and bolt on gt racer esque arches.

    Where did the go?
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  7. Anyone thinking of buying a hatch in high 20's need to hold on to there cash for the new yaris. That will be epic
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  8. the engine in the proton satria gti was a utter nail....miles off the pace.But as you say,the chassis was Lotus..and it showed.
    I have a proton jumbuck pick up,with all the satria GTI suspension set up on it.
    You would never believe how well that thing can go down a bumpy road at pace,on crappy 13" wheels.
    The steering,is the best i have ever had on a defys all logic how well it drives.
    Thats the genius of lotus..turns a utter nail into something special.
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  9. MorganJames

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    Just bought one myself, and i tested a Trophy 300 as well. I loved it, the exhaust sound was great, it looks good, all the extras and the cockpit just give it that bit extra over the megane mk4. Plus it only cost £24k!! Picking it up on Tuesday and trading the Megane in, sad to see it go. Hopefully if they drop a bit more i'll get one as a second car for pure track days!
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  10. You definitely see a few about.

    The Renault Service centre I take my car to in Portslade is a Hyundai dealership. Cant say I have ever strolled through.
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