Hybrid Turbo Megane RS 250

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    The biggest one you can fit in i think is the 20t, because of the machining of the hot and cold castings.
  2. Yes I understand that
    I talking about company which makes it
  3. I’m sure it can. There are so many variables; headwind/tailwind, gradient, tyres, tyre pressures, surface, etc, etc...
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    You are going to have to find someone that can do the work, it should cost about £600 if you supplied a old turbo, it doesn't have to be a working unit, as long as the castings are good then they can do it.
    I had this done to a turbo of mine, was great until it went bang, but the guy refused to say there was anything wrong with his work.
    This is why i went for a standard stand alone turbo, done a good few miles and trackdays with it and still happy
  5. I personally don't like the idea of hybrid turbos and would go for a complete new unit.

    It may be a little more expensive and awkward to fit, but I'm sure this option would be more reliable in the long run.
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    That's why i went the route i went this time.
  7. It's got to be the better option!

    If you wanted to get real technical, you could get the calculator out and reference the compressor maps to match something that would be perfect for your build! Our biggest problem is space at the back of the engine bay.

    This is a good explanation:
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    bit tight in there, but its in there :laughing::laughing:
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  9. This is another reason why I'm thinking about binning the abs!!
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    There is more room in the mk2 for the turbo, the mk3 is a tighter space, not by much but it's tighter, isn't the ABS block on the mk2 by the air filter ???
    the mk3 one is behind the heatshield on the drivers side :cry::cry::cry:, so engine out to remove the abs block or to work on it :tired:
  11. I think it's in the same place as the mk3, give or take!

    I had a quick look a few weeks ago but can't remember the exact position.

    I want to fit the g25-550 with the internal Wastegate which looks to be a little bigger than the external Wastegate version so I'm trying to gain as much space as possible :tearsofjoy:
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    Could possibly be there, trying to find some pics of my 225, but i cant see any that show it.
  13. I'll have a look in the morning before I go to work!
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    I have a R26 outside the workshop atm, just rebuilt the engine never even noticed where the abs block was:openmouth::openmouth:
  15. I'm pretty sure it's hidden behind the heat shielding tbh! Pulling the engine wouldn't reveal it by itself.
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    no its behind the heatshield, well on the mk3 it is, the reason i know is that i thought i had knocked the plug on the abs when i removed the heatshield, so had to pull the engine out again to check :cry::cry::cry::cry:
  17. Nightmare!!

    I'll have all of these Joy's to come putting my lump back in! :tearsofjoy:
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    you will need to fit it in there more than once, i think mine was 7-8 times, mainly because of the decat pipe, but good luck with it.

    Just don't bolt everything up tight, (except the gearbox mount) then just trial fit everything first.
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  19. Answer from BG turbo

    Hi Matthew, I don't know the difference between BG Turbo hybrid and others turbos makers because I work for BG Turbo and I don't know process, know-how and know-ledge of others turbo makers.

    I know BG Turbo could prepare your turbo based on original new genuine MITSUBISHI turbo and MFS Performance and if your engine, your map, all others modification you have done or you will do, you will have 370/380 hp.

    Aurélien - *BG Turbo*
  20. So with the ED Stage II turbo rated to 360HP, I had around 360HP. With the TTE rated to 340, I got 350HP. However, sacrificing 10HP as a peak power mark, I picked up power everywhere else. So although the peak power is lower, it should be a faster car because the total area under the curve is greater.
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  21. Yesterday I talked with a friend from Europe and he said that some company's put a cartridge from Borg Wagner k16 in our case and such a turbine will have a long life
  22. There she is!

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    Yehppp thats the one :laughing::laughing::laughing:
  24. also
    does anybody have +- 370HP on stock engine with hybrid ?

    is it real to get such power
  25. so
    I ordered 20т turbo from Tessa motorsport
    I’m waiting to arrive and will put on
    here you are some pictures and specs
    as far as I know there are several people in england and they are very happy with this hybrid

    TD04HL Turbine Wheel 9 Blades Spool faster Wheel Spec. - Inducer: 52 mm / 2.05 inch - Exducer: 45.6 mm / 1.79 inch - Type: 8.9 mm / 0.35 inch - Turbine Shaft OD: 7.5mm / 0.29 inch - No. of Blades: 9 Material: Upgrade Inconel 718 for performance
    Billet Turbo Compressor Wheel TD04HL-20T Inducer Dia.: 47.04mm Exducer Dia. : 58.00 mm Super Back Height: 1.90 mm (Super Back Wheel) Blade : 11+0 Material: Forged Aluminum

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  26. I have 375hp on my 20t engine dynamics stg2. Engine is basically a forged r26 bottom end, 250 cylinder head with 172 cams fitted, not using the vvt as running mk2 sagem s3000 ecu.
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  27. Clutch started slipping so had to cap the torque at 338ft/lb. It made 381hp at one point but was too close to knock.

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  28. Nice setup. But your engine is forged.
    a wondering about full stock engine mate
  29. From what i gather 360ish is usually the limits on stock engine/hybrid.

    Stick a set of 172 cams in, cheap upgrade. Very similar profile to the cat cams 5505402 for mk2, they drop in the 250 head no mods required.

    I dare say it will make similar power on the hotter cams. On the other hand, the 250 lump can go boom when pushed so not sure how reliable it will be.
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  30. great
    so interesting about 172 cams
  31. Is this running ED hybrid turbo as well?
  32. Indeed ED level 2 20t hybrid with the larger exhaust wheel.

  33. from what rpm it become spool ?
  34. Full boost is around 3500rpm on 172 cams with stock timing. Its not laggy, and it makes good power up top. 20210530_003656.jpg
  35. so nice graph
    I also ordered 20t turbo from tessamotostport !!
    I found several people who are very happy with this turbo
    I am waiting for the injector and we will check what kind of product it is
  36. I'm looking at Megane now that's forged and supposedly running ED's hybrid.
    I've attached the dyno from the run and he's adamant it's running a hybrid and his excuse is ED's rollers are harsh- but if you're running the same turbo and it's being dyno'd and turned at the same place, surely the figures would be closer,no?
    Anyways, I'll be calling up Andy tomorrow to see what he says. It's a shame because I was really interested in his Megane up until that point. He also doesn't have the invoice for it.

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  37. Could it not have ED's 'Level 1' Hybrid which would be pretty much right the figures shown on the graph ? (ED's website says 320-340bhp)
  38. Mine is tuned by EfiParts , equally as harsh rollers though. At a guess the one in the graph is the stg one turbo with smaller exhaust wheel
  39. 172 Cams are only £99.95 on ebay lol, would they make much power on a relatively standard car??? I have an intake, decat downpipe, front mount and stage 1 remap.........

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