Hybrid Turbo Megane RS 250

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  2. Buen vídeo viejo...saludos!
  3. Guille, como hiciste para hacer pasar el turbo en la Aduana? Tengo una 265 y estoy pensando en traerme cosas de afuera, pero me encuentro con el inconveniente de la bendita Aduana todo el tiempo
    Muchas gracias!
  4. need Your advice... i replace my RS'13 for brand new cup-s '16 ... we made 330PS/460Nm ( IC Airtec,DP 3'',Acrapovic ) with stock turbo.. but as always I want more.... what will be the "best buy" ( price/performance ) for hybrid turbo now : target is 360PS . is there any new products on the market ?
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  5. Hi am thinking of running 360 hp with a k-tec stage 2 hybrid turbo kit on a 2013
    Rs265 cup but am worried about engine reliability what's everyone's thoughts
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  6. Hi am thinking of doing the same thing what's the reliability like have you had any issues ? And wondering if I should get custom tune or tune k-tec supply with the kit ??
  7. I have an hybrid turbo that will suit your needs!
  8. Imho avoid ktec! Go RST instaid
  9. My Laguna GT 2.0t wagon :smile: 1730kg with me inside.

    100-200 12.3
    0-100 6.1 on little wet road. 5.9 is possible :smile:[​IMG][​IMG]
  10. Whys that what's wrong with k-tec ??
  11. Because they don't always supply good products. For instance their stage 1 hybrid turbo doesn't provide more power than a std 250 turbo will do, yet is twice as expensive
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  12. I
    Is this for a megane 2 or 3 ??
  13. Both
  14. Nmp


    That's not standard then, what you done to it?
  15. Better will be ask what i dont do :smiley:

    Fmic, dp3", hl 9blades, ported head, 660cc etc..

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  16. Ok what so what kit of stuff would you suggest I buy then cause I was buying cause it's a package and don't really know what to look for
  17. what hybrid turbo are the best for Megane mk3 to make 360-370 hp with stock internals ?
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  18. and do i need to change injectors and fuel pump if i am going to hybrid?
  19. Fuel pump: no.

    Injectors: it depends. With stock injectors you can get around 360 hp, you are at the duty cycle limit and it's important they are in good conditions to not starve the engine. It also depends on how much torque you go for.

    That's the limit of the stock pistons/rods anyway so if you don't plan to open the engine it's good.

    If you want to go forged and get 1.7-1.8 bar, then you need larger injectors (still OEM pump)

    Siemes Deka 630cc are the most popular choice, but they are short neck and the 4 holes spray pattern is not the best. Expect to get some fuel smell, especially if you are catless. There are some Bosch EV14 long neck 670 g/min (stock are 339) with long neck and better spray pattern, but the injection table will need to be customized by the ECU tuner.
  20. quite few myself inc running 360bhp with stock internals, you will deffo need 630cc injectors plus hybrid turbo, decat will clearly help or just sports 200 cell will do not factory CAT though.

    also might need unrated clutch but wont know that until start tuning, my factory clutch was just ever so slightly slipping so fitted updater and perfect now

    could also fit one grade cooler plug so an 8 instead of 7 will help

    Reliability is pretty good just dont take someplace that don't know reno ECU v well as the'rs couple things that need looking at before start mapping.
  21. The necessity to do power with or without larger injectors depends a lot on the turbine wheel used when making the hybrid. For example RSTuning and others have higher backpressure and require more fuel, therefore injectors.
    There are more free-flowing wheels that make power with less fuel/less boost.

    With 360hp/480nm (classic hybrid values with closed motor) the stock clutch will last way less, depending on the driving style too.

    As for the plugs, I just stick to the normal NKG iridium (OEM) but i reduce the gap from 0.8 to 0.65.

    Bob do you have Siemens on your car? Do you also have smell issues?
  22. yes dekka 630 and no issues
    Regarding injectors your mapper will soon inform you if reached limit of factory injectors but either way they’ll still be 80+% cycle duty so best upgrade
  23. ianplymouth

    ianplymouth RSM Club Member

    The Best and biggest hybrid is going to be 20t, should still make 350 with standard injectors, to push the turbo to the max then 630's will be required.
  24. Also which hybrid to buy
    K tech
    Gontier racing
    Engine dynamics
    Also maybe someone use that https://www.bg-turbo.com/turbo-perf...e-cabriolet-2-0-l-tce-250-265-cv-4937707325-/

    what is the difference between all these hybrids
  25. ianplymouth

    ianplymouth RSM Club Member

    Ktec and the others buy the turbo's in ,so they add there bit on top.

    looks like the BG turbo company is a manufacturer, i would do a search for a company that you can deal with direct
  26. do you mean that they do not produce themselves but buy ready-made in similar companies?
  27. Maybe, but it’s a brand new turbo that is high-flowed, not a used turbo and comes with actuator and recirc valve. It also comes with high-speed and low-speed test results.

    With the right support mods you can make any of them get “380HP”. It doesn’t make it a quick car. Max HP isn’t everything. The quickest cars are the ones with the biggest increases across the entire rev range. Unless of course you’re building it purely for dyno shootout competitions.
  28. I would be interested to see some acceleration times with the TTE. IMHO they are overpriced, very well made but on cars like the Megane mk3 which have alternative solutions I wouldn't spend that much. On others, for example the Megane mk4 RS / Alpine A110, they are basically the only one offering a turbo upgrade.
  29. We will soon find out. My car was dropped off today for a tune and health check with the only difference being the turbo (previously an ED Stage 2) and the downpipe (now a Koyaworks 3” with 100cel cat, previously a CGR 3” with 100cel cat).
  30. What time from 100 to 200 that configuration make?
  31. You really think that all hybrids for megane are pretty same
  32. No, not at all. My point is that they are all different and just because one claims to achieve the highest HP figure doesn’t make it a better a turbo.

    This is the fallacy of attempting to achieve a specific peak power figure as the sole measure.
  33. 12 seconds.

  34. I was sure that such a config goes faster closer to 10. I saw it at the beginning, the topics wrote how it goes
  35. that's why I'm writing here to choose the best hybrid value for money
  36. A good hybrid can get in the low 10s with very good map and some weight reduction. Fully equipped high 10s/low 11s.
  37. ianplymouth

    ianplymouth RSM Club Member

    Thats right, they don't do any work on the turbo's themselves.

    Get a used turbo, the core is changed anyway and the castings hot and cold are machined to fit the new **t core, so getting a brand new turbo is a bit of a waste in my opinion.
  38. it remains to understand which turbine to buy

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