Hybrid Turbo Megane RS 250

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  1. Thanks the company RSRacing erapata8.jpg 6e9ezegu.jpg u2y7yny6.jpg yse5u6e2.jpg i hope you like!
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  2. Beautiful! What sort of boost are you aiming to run and what power are you hoping it will achieve?
  3. Think this one is running 360hp
  4. What kind of spec are you looking at to hit that figure with regards to fuelling system, intake, exhaust and internals?
  5. How much was it?
  6. Sure i seen a hybrid 250 on rs tunings Facebook few months back. Just bigger injectors and a 3" turbo back exhaust
  7. Wow that's pretty powerful, turbo dynamics hybrid only does 325 and it costs £1,345.00! (new unit like the above).
    This turbo that claims 380 cvx.. (PS I presume which is still 374.6 HP) costs €1,595.32 = £1,273.29.

    More power for less money. WINNER! :wink:
  8. RSRacing

    RSRacing RSM Trader

    Is not the Gontier turbo.

    He made there in Argentina. With 1.6bar can see about 360hp

    But have same specs...big turbine and compressor wheel.
    Common hybrids no change the turbine...this is why no reach many power.
  9. How can 1.5 bar make 300bhp but an extra 0.1 bar (1.45 psi?) equates to 360???
  10. My car produces a healthy 345hp and 520nm with the Gontier Racing Turbo @1.5bar.

    Map done by BR Performance. And I can be sure that it produces this power. 100-200km/h in 10.4 seconds (measured with a PerformanceBox) and the car runs 274km/h GPS on our german Autobahn.
    Power is not only produced by boost.....only tuners that dont know their work rise only the pressure. With the gontier turbo you can produce 380+hp with 1.8bar
  11. Is the 'Gontier Racing Turbo' the same price?

    @Ben_r1 Hybrids produce more power than std units with less boost, its because they are more efficient basically with bigger turbines.
  12. Thanks for clearing that up! I honestly thought hybrids were just capable of producing more boost!
  13. turbos are about the efficiency that they push air around , not just about creating the high numbers.
  14. No worries ^^. The idea is more power with less boost which means most importantly less heat! :smile:
  15. It makes sense now you explain it really.

    I wonder what the max boost level of the stock turbo is?
  16. STD turbo will do 19psi (1.5 bar ish), which is what mine is atm.
  17. hi guys, I did this with RSRacing advice, they are dedicated to making good upgrades and maps, I have 630cc injectors, internals original, in a few days I'll upload images of power and torque, expect 360HP approximate.
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  18. So in theory with a hybrid and some bigger injectors you can make 360?

    what are stock internals rated to?
    is the cat not the restrictor like the mk2?
  19. Since boost is measured at the compressor side, this means that more power is generated using a bigger turbine because the bigger turbine is less restrictive?
  20. Kinda. Shifts more air ( volume ) on a larger turbo without causing too much heat increase. its like a fancy hair drier.
  21. I wonder what the lag will be like on this hybrid..
  22. The cat will restrict yes.

    Stock internals are around 300ish ibft.

    I have a theory though that if you stick a big enough turbo on it will generate the power higher up the range therefore allowing more torque than currently advised. Its only a theory, so dont go out there on my say so ..
  23. Its a farty little turbo. It will be fine. I drove a meg with a 3071 and that was fine.

    You want lag ? Try a five gt turbo carb fed standard cam with a t28. Doesnt spool till 4.5k
  24. True! I think you mean f4rty turbo haha. :tongueout:
  25. I take it you mean on a mk2? stage 1 250/265s run about 320ibft, rst's hybrid on Facebook runs about 370ibft on stock internals, with biggers injectors and decat mind.
  26. -Jamie-

    -Jamie- RSM Moderator

    Stage 1 RS250s run closer to 350lbs ft!

    Im going for the RST hybrid at the end of the year, That + injectors and mapping should see me close to 360bhp and slightly more torques, Already have Decat etc.
  27. Didn't realise it was as high as 350 on stage 1, even more impressive torque figures! Think i will be heading up there myself towards the end of the year, only for a stage 1 map though!
  28. Completely missed the phase 3 comment. My bad.
  29. Pistons are the weak point that melt before the rods go! Some even melt on std power.
  30. You do realise there talking about a megane 250 hybrid on a megane 250?
    19 psi is 1.3 bar, and susprised your running that on a stage 1
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  31. That's all down to mapping.
  32. It's allways down to mapping, you can build a 10k fully forged engine and if you let me loose with the lap top it wouldn't last 30 seconds
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  33. Mine runs around 21psi on stage one.
  34. Yes. Just giving some indication of what max boost is as they are very similar cars.

    I'm running 270 bhp & 301 lbft, only engine mods are a decat and induction! Mapped properly. I don't label 'stages' it does what it does..
  35. Stage 1 is 23psi on 250/265, he was talking about 225 stage 1
  36. I've just noticed how much toque that turbo makes... 550 Nm = 405.6 lb ft... :eek:
  37. RSRacing

    RSRacing RSM Trader

    I`m not talking about boost peak!
    With 1.6bar at about 6000rpm you can see 360hp.
  38. Gray

    Gray RSM Moderator

    I would love this kind of power with the new engine on my r26.... think I'll need to invest in a new turbo!

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