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  1. I've been told by loads of people to hang on to my R26 and not sell as they will go up in price especially Average /low miles and good condition in right colour(Liquid yellow or white) and not to far from original spec or easy to put back to standard if wanted.
    I think we will see R26 prices rocket over the next 5 years .Autocar article eluded to this as the one to buy along with its track brother the R26R .
    £8k for a mint R26 will seem cheap in 5 years .
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    I'm not sure about rocket, good ones will always command a premium, the more that are written off the better your prospects. One thing that would cause me to question your theory is we have a plethora of hot hatches around, very good ones that have moved on from the R26, these will soon become very cheap. The R26r's prospects will be helped by the limited numbers, the R26 although numbered, were never limited. Obviously it's your money your car, if I were to keep a car mint in the hope it will appreciate, it would be something that is limited or mental, ie the V6.
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    Can't see it, based on my experience of virtually zero interest when trying to sell mine. Folk have moved onto the newer models, and whilst a mint one with the right mods might get a good price if right buyer's in place, for the majority I don't think there's hope of getting much more than trade-in value for these cars.
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  4. I'd echo the above. I've been looking for a couple of months for an R26 and very few cars have sold. It's not helped by there not being many on sale so often good ones are a long long way away. The R26R will hold and increase its value but only R26 models with low miles and perfect history are likely to see any meaningful gains. Even then they will be smallish.
  5. I have a Megane 225 cup 55plate , red,immaculate condition, full service history, 58k miles, cambelt and clutch changed less than a 1000 miles.whats it worth?
  6. I recently (6 weeks ago) purchased a stock 225 f1 with 89k on the clock. Good condition with a years ticket and I paid £2500. Sadly, mods don't add a great deal of value to the car, but I would think 3k would be reasonable with a fair wind behind you. Let's be honest, what else can you buy with that performance for such little money. I used to own an 8v Delta Integralle, 4 wheel drive but similar performance etc. 1989 good nick with history....it's now up for £16k !!!
  7. Nice thread bump.....
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    I might be selling the R26 as I’m buying a house and girlfriend is due in May.

    How much do you think I should advertise it for? PM me if you want to make an offer.

    Car is on 143k miles and spec is below:

    (original engine rebuilt by RS Tuning in August 2015)
    - 83mm CP Carillo pistons
    - Manley rods
    - ACL big end bearings
    - Catcams cams
    - Supertech valves
    - Supertech double spring kit
    - 630cc injectors
    - RS Tuning Megane 250 hybrid turbo
    - Forge recirc value and actuator
    - ITG induction kit with larger ITG filter
    - Forge intercooler
    - Forge hard pipe kit
    - Forge coolant hoses
    - Mocal oil catch can
    - Varley 25 battery
    - Powdercoated lower arms, are, inlet manifold, engine mount, oil breather plate and brackets
    - Ktec 3" exhaust
    - Mapped by RS Tuning 329.9bhp and 360lbft

    - R26 gearbox refurbished in September 2016
    - RS Tuning SMF
    - R26.r clutch

    - Cooksport lowering springs
    - R26 dampers and topmounts
    - Poweflex lower arm and ARB bushes
    - Powerflex engine mount bushes
    - Ktec stud conversion kit
    - PMS spacers 10mm front and 18mm rear
    - R26 anthracite alloys with AD08R tyres
    - R26 red alloys with R888R tyres

    - Ferodo DS2500 front pads
    - Brembo HC front discs
    - OEM rear pads
    - Renault rear discs
    - Goodridge brake hoses
    - ATE brake fluid

    Interior and Exterior
    - GoPro mount above radio display
    - Scanguage II
    - AEM AFR gauge
    - Recaro seat base carbon build no. decals
    - R26.r spoiler in LY
    - MEGANE badge delete
  9. Sounds a great spec. As for pricing, I'm just a novice but from experience , you get a minimal return on non stock items that are added to a car, unless, the buyer is specifically after your spec. For me, it's an r26 with highish mileage. Granted, its probably pretty rapid, but who under 35 can get insured on it if they declare all the mods. Im 57 and my standard ( at present) 225 f1 costs me £295 fully comp protected ncd per annum.
  10. Hi all. After a bit of help. Hunting for a 250/265, and I’m struggling to work out what’s overpriced and what is fair etc.

    What would the following be worth? white 265 on 62 plate, cup pack, leather recaros, sat nav, 60k miles, RST map to 310/340, 18 inch alloys, recent cambelt, pro alloy IC, decat..

  11. 11k maybe
  12. Hi, just trying to work out what my megane is worth. 2011 RS 250, remapped to around 300bhp, powerflow cat back exhaust, the rest is standard, new discs and pads all round 10k miles ago, Black, 19" Steev's in good condition (not perfect), Black leather recaros, full service history, new Michelin Ps4's all round, belts done in 2018. Overall great condition, no scratches/dents, brand new RS mats, upgraded sony bluetooth stereo..
  13. Mileage?
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  14. and 53k miles - should've included that!!
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  15. CUP chassis?
  16. Yep cup chassis
  17. I would say realistically £10k-£11k.
  18. Was going to say around 10
  19. Hi all!,

    Unfortunately my beloved R26 has started puffing blue smoke. After 148k miles and 10 years of ownership. Suppose I've had my moneys worth!.

    I don't think getting the engine repaired is an option for me. I pulled the spark plugs, cylinder 4 has a nice oily spark plug so I suspect rings or valve oil seals. Smokes when accelerating after going down long hills on overrun.

    Just wondering what it might be worth to someone who wants a project.

    Its a 2007 Liquid Yellow Megane R26.

    Mileage 148k
    MOT until November
    Stage 1 RStuner mapped
    Ktec 3" exhaust and decat
    Forge Recirc Valve
    Forge hard pipe kit
    Recently had two new rear calipers
    Masses of receipts for oil changes etc.

    Overall in excellent condition for the age. Paintwork/bodywork is excellent. Small tears in drivers side Recaro.

    This car is too good to scrap in my eyes.

    Whats it worth?
  20. hsustyle

    hsustyle RSM Club Member

    What's it worth?

    Deep Black 2007 Renaultsport Megane R26 230 No.1821

    Two keys
    Extensive service history & Google drive folder full of receipts
    Hpi clear
    115k miles
    Mot May 2023
    Next service due in 6k miles

    I've spent North of £3,000 in the last 12 months on Genuine Renault /uprated items, see list below. A bunch of original parts will also come with the car.
    This is now a very well sorted car as you'd expect with the amount of money spent,
    Imo the ideal spec.

    Engine -
    Engine Dynamics stage 1 remap
    277 ft lb
    ITG induction kit (Orginal airbox here)
    GPI intercooler
    Forge dump valve
    New genuine Renault injectors
    New genuine Renault coils
    Back box chop, not loud at all (full spare standard system here)
    New gearbox mount
    New engine mounts
    Polybush lower engine mount

    Gearbox -
    Factory standard 6-speed Lsd gearbox, smooth in every gear
    Short shifter mod, feels great!

    Chassis -
    Cooksport lowering springs
    New genuine Renault R26 dampers
    2x New genuine Renault swivel hubs (aug 22)
    Pure Motorsport 18mm & 15mm wheel spacers
    Pure Motorsport stud & nut kit (original wheel bolts & locking nuts here)
    Polybush steering rack bushes
    Uprated inner steering rack bushes
    2x new driveshafts

    Brakes -
    4x Godspeed G-hook discs
    Brembo front & pads rear
    Goodridge braided brake lines
    Dot 5 brake fluid

    Wheels & tyres -
    Mint Original 18inch R26 alloy wheels, no curbing
    4x 235/40/18 Eagle F1 Supersport tyres, Oct 22

    Interior -
    Snappy retrimmed steering wheel, grey alcantara
    non smoking/no pets interior
    Factory fitted Recaro Trendline seats
    Pioneer Bluetooth hands free headunit (Orginal here)
    Pioneer uprated speakers
    Brand new floor mats
    All all electrics work as they should,

    Exterior -
    Factory fitted R26 decals, bumper pack, roof pack
    Ceramic coated by Exiges Autos, Nov 22
    No dents

    Misc -
    Engine Dynamics have coded out dash warning light for the R26R flywheel upgrade

    Bad bits-
    Slight crease in driver seat side bolster, see pic

    Reverse light switch is faulty, have a new Renault item here.

    Cambelt due end of 2023

    IMG_20220922_160901_634-01.jpeg IMG_20220922_160917_684-01.jpeg PXL_20221026_155901592-01.jpeg PXL_20220929_102050069-01.jpeg PXL_20220822_145619428-01.jpeg PXL_20221130_153650793-01.jpeg PXL_20221130_153607331-01.jpeg PXL_20221130_153615080-01.jpeg PXL_20221130_153552225-01.jpeg

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