***How Much Is My Car Worth?***

Discussion in 'Megane Discussion' started by Naith, Jul 15, 2013.

  1. Naith

    Naith RSM Admin

    This is the thread for you to get help and advice from other people.

    Please do not start any other threads as they will just be merged into this one..

    Check www.autotrader.co.uk and www.pistonheads.co.uk for price guides.

    DO NOT come on here to shoot people down in a negative or discriminatory manner please, opinion is more than welcome but theres a way to do it.

  2. Also WHAT CAR do free valuations and send a certificate.

    Cheers Andy
  3. Pointless. Doesn't allow for any differentiation between spec or options as far as I can see.
  4. Quite right it is only a guide though.

    Just got offered the quoted price for mine against a Merc.
    Despite having 2k of extras made no difference to them or me telling them and he said he.HAD adjusted it.

    So a guide. The WHAT CAR at least gives a guide span.

    Cheers Andy
    Ps staying with the Renno
  5. I give up looking at the Value of mine it gets more depressing every 12 months
  6. Looking to sell my 56 2 owner inferno 225 cup but I'm unsure on price.

    56 2006 plate
    62k miles
    10 months mot
    4 months tax
    Optional Recaros

    2 owners inc myself. My brother was the first owner. He bought the car from new.

    receipts for nearly every part or work carried out on the car including the original purchase receipt for the car.


    Helix clutch kit
    RS Tuning Stage 2 map
    270 bhp & 300 ftlbs
    Manley forged con rods
    Arp rod bolts
    ACL bearings
    Ktec intercooler
    Forge actuator
    Forge recirc valve
    Ktec 2.75 cat back exhaust
    Samco boost hoses
    Ktec carbon .r spoiler
    R26.r headlights
    6000k 55w HID kit

    The car is in really good condition for its ages and has been fault free during my brothers ownership and also myself.

    Anyone got a rough idea?
  7. I'm also looking to sell my RS Megane.

    2007 07 plate registered 1st June 2007
    RS Megane 175dci
    Black 5 door
    55000 miles
    Lux pack
    Full leather
    18" alloys
    Digital climate control
    Electric folding mirrors
    Guide me home lights
    Rear parking sensors.
    Parrot hands free kit.
    Taxed and tested till April
    anyone got any ideas on price.
  8. Hi Danny,

    Parkers Guide says:

    Franchised Dealer £4,540
    Independent Dealer £4,365
    Private Good £4,010
    Private £3,135
    Part Exchange £3,610

    That's with average 10k per year.

    I am looking for a similar car at around £4k but would need to part ex
  9. Not looking to sell. Just curious.
    08' R26 lux, ultra blue. Very good bodywork and interior
    Michelin PS3 all round with 5mm front, 7mm rear.
    3" Milltek catback with oval tail pipes. Forge blanking plate and dump valve. Remap.
    Just had big service including cambelt and gearbox oil. FSH. Injectors cleaned in December with proof.

    As high as £8000?
  10. Hi all, can you guys gauge the value of my car please

    2006 56 225 in black, lux pack and cup pack, full leather recaro trim, big intercooler and pipes, de-cat, stage 1 map, r26r rear spoiler and headlights, Clio 197 front splitter and skirts, not here's the biggie 146.000 miles with full history and full file of receipts from Renault Manchester for everything it's ever had including,belts, clutch and flywheel, services ect totalling £12.000,

    what's it worth please?

  11. Hi all,

    been thinking about selling my car recently due to a lack of use and fancy a merc a class amg as a replacement :smile:

    so the dreaded question, what is my megane worth in 1 piece?

    rough spec:
    forged engine
    hybrid turbo (315bhp 330lbft)
    pf front discs, pagid pads
    r26r bonnet, wheels, spoiler, etc

  12. Also forgot to mention the car is a 57plate and is approaching 45,000 miles on the clock, but the engine has done less than 10,000!
  13. Lee - 146k is a lot to try and sell it on. My guess is you'll be lucky to get £3k. Stick it on eBay with a reserve you're happy with and see what it makes.

    Steven - forged engines are harder to shift on as people don't really know what they are. If you can wait for a sale that's best until you find an enthusiast who wants your spec. Otherwise you'll probably be looking at standard R26 prices, c£6-7k is my guess with that age and mileage.
  14. Im in no hurry to sell the car and would only sell it to the right kind of person.
    i know tuned cars are harder to sell, but surely if the work is backed up with £15k of receipts it will make it more desirable to the right person??

  15. Give it a try, I couldn't see it fetching more than about £9k though, but I'm not an expert!
  16. Megane 250 FF
    18's Cup alloys
    recaro + R.S monitor + Cup Pack
    Visability Pack (Xenons + folding mirrors)
    Spare wheel
    32k Miles
    FSH + 12mnths Tax + MOT
    1 Previous owner

  17. Just wondering how much my car is worth?

    2005 "55" Phase 1 225 Cup in Inferno Orange.

    79k Miles

    Full service history including Cambelt change.

    7 months MOT
    3 Months Tax

    Genuine clutch and DMF replaced.
    Hub bearings replaced.
    3 previous owners.
    2 keys

    Any ideas?
  18. White megane r26 f1 lux
    66000 miles
    full service history
    just had major Cambelt service
    Got 12 months mot and 6 months tax.
    Full leather recaros
    black mirrors,alloys and diamond badges.


    r26r spoiler in white
    ktec remap to 270bhp 300 torque
    forge front mount intercooler
    ktec panel filter and airbox mod
    Brembo high carbon front disc
    ferodo ds2500 pads
    custom bm exhaust (pops and bangs)

    its got a pioneer stereo which does sat nav, phone, USB, bluetooth.
    uprated speakers all round and a hidden sub in the boot
    all fitted professionally. The speakers, Amp and sub are all DLS and this setup
    cost near to £1500

    just want a rough price!

    cheers matt
  19. Due to being in the later stages of buying my first house plus paying for a wedding next year and hopefully having a baby im coming to the realisation that i may not be able to afford running my car much longer I'm gutted :worried: we need two cars aa well which wont help i was wondering what people think i may get for it at the moment its an 07 plate r26 will have 12 months mot and 6 months tax as both are due this month its on 73000 with fill history belts done etc and a couple of select mods
    stg1 rs tuning map 259 bhp
    cooksport springs
    short shifter
    r spoiler
    airbox mod with piperx panel filter
    forge dump valve
    coulour coded wheels mirrors bullets and door handles
    new ish nankang ns2rs 6mm all round
    Plus other bits and pieces
    i notice theres not much activity on this thread but any opinions would help cheers if you know of anyone looking for one send them my way cheers
  20. Id probs say around £5/6k if not a little more?
  21. I'm just after a guide on how much it's worth as it stands??
    It's a 225 trophy, 95k only missed 2 services before I bought it, mot dec, stage 1 rs tuning remap (268 bhp), scorpion cat back, wheels refurbed, 3 nearly new Goodyear eagle f1 tyres and 1 Toyo t1 sport that'll need changing in few month, front and rear brakes less than a year old, new full clutch system less than 2 year old, cam belt done in 2010, hub bearings done in 2010, recon injectors bout 2 year ago, aux belt pulley kit done in 2012, tinted rear windows, DVD sat nav flip out front unit have the old one to. It's also got a scratch on the passenger door ( been quoted £100 to get repaired ) usual stone chips to front bumper, small dent to drivers rear arch that's smaller than a 5p. All in all it's not in bad nick for age!
    Like I say I'm just after a guide, here's a few pics!

    za2y3yge.jpg ta3u9y8y.jpg ravu5ere.jpg eqe8uvan.jpg 5umusary.jpg ype9ehus.jpg

  22. Oh and I've had apex front and rear springs fitted this yr!!
  23. this thread is a little pointless. loads of people have posted with no reply or opinion.

    are there any rs dealers on here to even post.
  24. Springs like springs, but next door girl is not bad :wink:
  25. Not sure if anyone is still lookng at this thrad but wuld be intrested to find out roughly the value of my car and if there would be any interest in it (considering selling)

    I searched for this car for ages as I wanted a certain spec and eventually found one - never seen one since (on here, autotrader, in the flesh etc)

    07 225 LUX, 5 door, Black Gold.
    Phase 2
    70,000 miles
    Heated Leather Seats
    Panoramic Roof
    Factory fitted Ipod holder (also has a bluetooth handsfree but unsure if this was an option or added later)

    I've had the Cambelt, Water Pump, Aux done within the last year. Hubs also done recently (cost a small fortune - should have gone to Mark Black lol) Injectors also changed, Exhaust Mounts. - Basically all the known weak points are sorted. Everything else is fine - electrics etc.

    Overal condition is very good, much better than most imo. Service history also.

    I also tracked down the previous owner and the car has had RS tuning's stage 1.

    What do we think guys? Its a bit niche being 5 door but theres not many about (especially with the extras) and for someone looking for one with kids like me is ideal.
  26. Salty

    Salty RSM Moderator

    right guys give this a go lol

    got my 56 plate 225 cup, fsh and currently on 50k, got full leather recaro interior which may be for sale if I px the car, stage 1 from rst. few minor marks ie chips and a small dent on each door but overall a good clean car. what sort of price do you guys think would be reasonable? been offered 3k px atm with the old seats going back in that have a small tear on the drivers bolster.
  27. Potentially after a quick sale on the Trophy after my dream car came up for sale.

    2011 RS Megane 265 Trophy No. 3 of 50.

    Full service history
    15,000 miles
    What I would consider near mint condition bar a stone chip or two
    Four excellent tyres

    Anyone hazard a guess at the value? I pad 19.5k two years ago but would hope to see around 15k back?
  28. Considering selling my f1 team 225.

    Looking into buying a 30 Edition Golf GTI...

    its been a lovely car for a year but getting abit bored really,

    usual upgrades include:

    front mount
    uprated actuator and recirc valve
    cat back exhaust k tec 3 inch (never really wanted mot problems so left cat standing)
    remap from very reputable tuning company in leeds :wink:

    dyno printout standing at 277 BHP and 300ft/lb TORQUE

    Recent work

    new Clutch and flywheel
    new radiator
    new ignition coils
    4 new tyres

    car has FULL renault service history with a low(ish) 80k miles :worried:

    paintwork is stunning kept clean by me not the foreigners or car wash machines :tongueout:

    what do u guys think its worth?

    i would put 12 months mot and a full service on it if the price is right...?
  29. Looks as though this thread has more questions that answers...
    All the same, I'll pitch in with my own.
    Due to the imminent arrival of a baby, I'm having to face up to the reality that my 'R is probably going to get very little use in the coming years. With that in mind I'm considering selling up. I'm not committed quite yet - it rather depends on the maths and if I can find a suitably fun and cheap classic to trade down to.

    Anyhow, 'Rs in the recent classified ads seem to be listed at anything between £18k and £22k.

    Mine is non-standard but upgraded "appropriately" and, as a car to drive rather than to collect, it's superb. Excellent condition too, as you'd expect. Recently had it's 6yr service at K-tec and they thought very highly of it indeed.

    Here are the details:

    Renault Megane R26.R, 2009
    RN09 MEG

    27,000 miles.
    Cherished car in excellent condition throughout.

    • Titanium exhaust
    • Roll Cage
    • 4x black wheels with Toyo 888 track tyres
    • 4x red wheels with Michelin Pilot Super Sport tyres
    • Lunar Grey paint with full 'R' decals
    • Appropriate number plate (RN09 MEG) included in sale.
    • Limited edition owners pack including hard-back book, DVD of record-breaking Nurburgring lap etc.
    • Comprehensive history with all receipts. Note that I have carried out regular routine servicing myself (using highest quality filters, fluids, plugs etc.). As such, I don’t have dealer stamps in the book for every service, but the receipts are all there.

    6yr service completed in April 2015 by K-tec racing, including timing and aux belts, tensioners, water pump and camshaft seals.

    Always run on Shell V-Power fuel and serviced using Millers Nanodrive oil, Motul brake fluid etc.

    MOT until Sept '15 (no advisories at last test)

    The specification of the car has been improved in several areas to bring its performance and stopping power up to the standard of the outstanding chassis. Only the highest quality, "tried and trusted" parts have been used, and professionally installed by the best in the business.

    All of the original parts are included in the sale, so the car could be returned to completely original spec if desired. However, if you intend to enjoy the car on road and track, you will find the current specification represents a very worthwhile and usable improvement over standard.

    • Performance Friction 330mm front brake discs and carriers.
    • CL RC5+ brake pads front and rear
    • Calipers serviced in 2014 with new seals and stainless brake pad retaining pins
    • HEL stainless braided brake lines front & rear
    • Motul RBF600 DOT4 brake fluid
    • All of the above installed by Oli Barnard at PrepTech, Surrey (professional race car prep, including Clio Cup cars)

    Under the bonnet:
    • Forge recirculation valve (not a "dump" valve)
    • Forge actuator
    • Forge aluminium intercooler
    • Forge aluminium radiator
    • Forge silicone hoses (full set, black), all installed with high quality jubilee clips.
    • Forge "hard-pipe" aluminium turbo pipe
    • ITG induction kit (low mounted ITG filter with airbox removed and new battery tray)
    • RS Tuning stainless steel sports cat and downpipe.
    • Flow-matched Bosch 630cc injectors
    • Rolling-road remap by RS Tuning with all new parts installed, producing 280bhp and 300lbft torque (dyno graphs included with paperwork).

    Other bits:
    • OMP ‘WRC’ 330mm alcantara steering wheel (original wheel included)
    • Osram Nightbreaker Plus dipped and main bulbs
    • Forge vacuum and boost sensor retaining clamps for peace of mind.
    • Streamline Carbon side bullets, wing mirror caps and B-pillars (also have front & rear diamond badges in carbon, but never fitted them)
    • Tinted side indicator repeaters
    • Mudguards fitted front & rear

    Lots of photos on this thread.

    Any (sensible) thoughts on asking price? Will it be enough to tempt me!?
  30. Fantastic spec :smile:

    The only LG I've seen listed in the last 9 months was the race prepped one bought by someone on here (Digi dash, KW Clubsports) - I believe it was listed at 18,500....

    Like every scarce commodity though, someone may be willing to pay significantly more - and if you don't ask you won't get...GLWS if you decide to part ways! :smile:
  31. Clio 182 RB Appraisal

    To start, i have every document possible up to date;

    • Receipts when she was first bought in 2005
    • Every stamp in the service book
    • Every MOT (including a few 100 point inspections from K-tec)
    • Every receipt / invoice for parts / mods bought
    • Every original manual
    • Also have Racing Blue touch up pens from Renault
    • MOT till April 2016
    • Quick fix tyre foam
    • Both Keys

    • ITG Carbon induction kit - worth around £300 - £350 alone
    • KTEC Catback exhaust system
    • KTEC Sports cat
    • Solid exhaust mounts
    • Superchip remap - Now runs at 192BHP
    • Matched Inlets and powdercoated anthracite
    • Powdercoated Engine mount
    • Powdercoated Gearbox mount
    • Powdercoated Alternator brace
    • Powerflex dogbone mount
    • K-tec coilovers
    • February saw all the belts and pullys changed along with the dephaser pully by a Renault Specialst
    • Private plate included- (i have receipt and certificate)
    • Front wishbone bushes have also been re-placed for polybushed counter-parts and the wishbones powdercoated along with the side braces for an ultra clean look.
    • Anti-roll bar bushes were also swapped for powerflex ones.
    • Front and rear discs and pads have been changed for brembo fronts with brembo pads and the rears have renault OEM discs and brembo Pads - Done 2 - 3 month ago
    • New style RS Badge
    • Genuine Renault Sport mats - 2 - 3 month old
    • Front splitter
    • Renault F1 Team Decals
    • Absolutely no wear on any of the seats
    • Just had new wipers 2 - 3 weeks ago.
    • Apart from the below, i have kept the paint work polished and wax 2x a month.. she is after all my baby.

    • Some scallion ran their key down the passenger side of the car, its not deep but its there.
    • 2 scuffs on the front bumper.
    • Front bumper could do with a respray if i am totally honest due to motorway driving.
    • Front alloys need refurbish
    • 2 new front tyres needed.

    Car will have had a full detail on day of pick up.
  32. Keep looking at megane r26 prices and low mileage examples seem to be creeping up or holding station ,seen prices upto 8k ,7k and 6.5k
    looking at the prices of new hot hatches similar spec and size im not suprised
  33. I seen one from Targa Florio for 12k lol. Maybe prices are going up.because people have spent so much repairing them or they're getting even more rare with many being broken / written off
  34. That's a silly price! It's had a fair amount done and is probably a near perfect example but at the end of the day it's a modified R26 with 54k on it! Targa florio always have quite high prices and I notice they still haven't shifted the trophy r after taking £5k off the price!
  35. I hope so, mines done 50k and will only have done 60 max when I sell it in 2 years. There should be even less low mileage/well looked after examples for sale by then.

    Of course the opposite could happen, and they could just drop as they'll be close to 10 years old!
  36. Hi Guys, was wondering if you could give me an honest opinion of what I can get for my phase one meg​

    • 2005 Phase One 225 Black / Gold 3 Door
    • 69,800 Miles
    • Years MOT (just had £1,141 spent getting it through MOT)
    • 18” Pro Race 1.2 Alloys in Black (TPS turned off)
    • Miltek Cat Back Exhaust
    • DIY ITG Induction Filter
    • Direnza Intercooler
    • Stage One Henk Map (RS Tuner Supplied with Licence code for Car)
    • KTec Carbon Fibre Bonnet
    • CAF Intakes in place of Fogs, piped directly to the ITG (original fogs supplied)
    • Cupra R Splitter
    • Cup Brake Master Cylinder Supplied but not fitted (25mm instead of 23mm)
    • Kenwood 4023 double din with Bluetooth voice control etc
    • Pioneer 13cm rear speakers 2 way
    • Vibe 6” components front
    • Sub/Amp wiring in place (Sub not supplied)
    • Clip system supplied with Car

  37. What we thinking chaps.

    05 trophy
    fsh with belts done by a specialist
    mot August
    5th owner
    few mods, forge recirc, back box chop, induction kit.

    very good condition
  38. 60 Plate, White 250RS 69K miles, full fat - Leather heated seats, sat nat, xenons

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