Hi Guys, just bought a Megane 265 (Black)

Discussion in 'New to the Club? Why not introduce yourself?' started by Owen Marron, May 23, 2020 at 4:32 PM.

  1. Owen Marron

    Owen Marron RSM Club Member

    I was wondering about a few things

    I want to buy the RKD style spoiler off of eBay was wondering if anyone had bought this for themselves and if they knew the quality of it.

    hat is the best company to use for other body modifications.

    Is it a good idea to get a new exhaust system entirely or just decat it.

    and finally where are the best places to get maps on the megane.

    Thanks Guys
    Any help will be appreciated
  2. Welcome to the club.

    Depends where in the country you are for mapping, efi in Cheshire have a very good reputation.
    You can just remove the centre silencer and decat it tbf.
  3. Owen Marron

    Owen Marron RSM Club Member

    I’m from Middlesbrough, in the north east.
    There’s a place in Leeds I’ve heard is good just looking for recommendations from people who have experience with the cars
  4. That’ll be rs tuning then, seem to have mixed results, some love them some hate them.
  5. Welcome to the club Owen. Good to see another Boro member on here! What spec 265 have you got?
  6. Owen Marron

    Owen Marron RSM Club Member

    @Gareth To be honest with you mate I have no idea what spec it is just that it’s a 13 reg 265 with satnav and leather seats.

    PS: I haven’t even picked it up yet, I’m getting it from a place in Newcastle called redgatelodge if you have a look on there you’ll know more than I do pal
  7. Owen Marron

    Owen Marron RSM Club Member

    also a bit about how I ended up getting a megane... I had a standard 59reg Clio and always wanted an RS, January this year I made the jump and bought a stunning liquid yellow 1.6T Clio RS. This last 5 days until I wrote it off into a field just off the A174. I then bought a little white 208GTI really nice car perfect for the right person but after a couple of weeks of that I just wanted to go back to Renault Sport. After some horrible overtime and not being able to go to the pub I’ve managed to save for a megane now so happy days.
  8. Looks nice. The advert states it has leather Recaro’s but they’re just standard leather seats.
    Looks to be a cup pack with visibility pack which is a good option.
    When do you pick it up and how did you manage to bin the Clio?

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