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  1. Im Matt and ive owned my 2016 275 Cup-s for about a month and a half now, ill get round to posting some pics once i can clean it up.
    its fairly standard at the minute but ill be looking to make it a little more personal.
    I will be doing alot of miles in the car upwards of 20k a year so the fuel bill and any problems should be quite interesting :smile:
  2. Welcome aboard! I do about 18-20k a year in mine too. Had it around 7 months now, it's doing ok!
  3. George@RTR Parts

    [email protected] Parts RSM Trader RSM Trader

    Welcome along mate
  4. Well its good to know Im not the only one daft enough to do it, traded in a 120d coupe for the RS - hands down the worst car ive ever had mechanically speaking... although it did go to the nurburgring and back.. which is more than can be said for a friends E36 M3 (the Karussel isnt a great place to breakdown) :sweatsmile:
  5. Cheers, might need to be heading your way soon :disappointed:
  6. George@RTR Parts

    [email protected] Parts RSM Trader RSM Trader

    No worries, let me know and I'll get you sorted Matt. You're local aswel, unit is in Mirfield
  7. when i picked the car up it didnt have much meat left, need to have a good look this weekend and get back to you on new pads front and rear, what would you recommend for road and possibly a track day or 2 at Blyton later on?
  8. George@RTR Parts

    [email protected] Parts RSM Trader RSM Trader

    No worries, drop me a message when you've had chance to check, I can supply various pads, pin kits, discs, braided lines , fluids etc etc. Have Brembo oe, Mintex M1144 and Ferodo Racing range DS2500, DS1.11 etc on the shelf and can order others in like the RS Pagid range amongst others. The M1144 are a good value for money upgrade pad for road and light/odd track use
  9. Cars are for driving, not pampering. I don't see the point in having a great driver's car and just leaving it sitting about. Saying that, mine spends too much time sitting on dual carriageways which aren't the best use of its abilities :tearsofjoy:

  10. Im in the same boat - alot of dual carrageway and motorway, the missus made me "choose" between this and a Leon Diesel I wanted both but I was only allowed one car... suffice to say a few more months at 25mpg doing 2k a month and she will see sense and let me get a boring car for the week and a fun car for the weekend :tongueout:
  11. Hi from Sheffield, got my first RS265 from Wakey.
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  12. Ive heard nothing but good things about Renault Wakefield.
  13. Yes they were good.I'd use them for any dealer work on my current RS.This came from a bit further away in Belfast !
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  14. are you the guy I pass in featherstone most mornings?
  15. Yup that would be me most likely stalling
  16. Thought so as there’s not that many round here. Usually pass you in north featherstone at the cross roads, although I’ve not noticed you for for the past week.
    Mines the white 250.(looks black at the minute with the state of the roads lol)
  17. Yeah I've seen yours always at the cross roads the only other RS I've seen since I got the car, didn't think they would be that rare!
    I've been travelling to Rotherham this week so gone the other way.

    Seeing them in white makes me wish mine was white but had to take what came up at the time and I wasn't gunna pay 22k for a Clio Sport just so I could choose the colour
  18. Yep pretty rare round here. I can probably count on one hand how many I’ve spotted in 3 years of ownership.

    Agreed on the white cars and they’re the fastest colour lol..although I do have a soft spot for the silver ones.

    Brilliant cars, enjoy and be sure to wave next time you pass!
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  19. Will do bud, is yours still standard or have you been itching the scratch to make it a bit more personal? :tongueclosed:
  20. Belfast?? Jeez that's a long way to go to get a car even one as good as these
  21. Yeah pretty standard at the min. I’ve got lowering springs and mid box delete to fit when I get round to it.
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  22. 250 cup owner as of yesterday from Swinton (Mexborough-Rotherham area) :smile:

    Hope to see you around

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  23. Make me jealous I can't do much of anything if I want to keep the warranty which... I do :tongueout:
  24. Wow that looks great, love the colour! whats been done to it??
  25. Thanks mate, few bits - intake, decat, coilovers, cae shifter, other small bits and bobs
    Not doing much else to it a side from remap and maybe 2 piece disc conversion
  26. Seems like a decent set of mods, not too much, the wheels dont look standard to me either (but im not all that knowledgeable on these yet).

    How does it sound with the intake and decat?
  27. oh and the wheels your right haha! Also has bits like ktec torque mount and powerflex engine bushes etc.

    Decat and mid-box delete isn't loud imo, makes a good noise on boost but is dead quiet whilst around town
  28. That OG used to belong to someone on here didn't it?
  29. Renault delivered it in a covered delivery transporter.Bought and paid for unseen. Had to be white 275 trophy with pan roof and this was exact spec I wanted .As it turned out it's as new, so very happy.
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  30. It was matt heards, swapped him for my mini mate
  31. That's it. Looks lovely!
  32. That looks amazing. What are the wheel and tyre sizes. They sit very well in those arches.

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