Hi from Stratford upon Avon

Discussion in 'New to the Club? Why not introduce yourself?' started by PahLok, Jun 14, 2018.

  1. PahLok

    PahLok RSM Club Member

    Hi guys,

    I live in Stratford and just got a 250 Cup in red. It was a bit of an unexpected deal and I wasn't looking for a Megane at all, but I bought it anyway and now I just can't stop driving it.

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  2. tof73

    tof73 RSM Club Member

    Hi and welcome, am round pershore way, a few of us in the south birmingham area.
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  3. Mikeyjp

    Mikeyjp RSM Club Member

    Hi , welcome along, I am near Gaydon, so not to far away
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  4. Welcome aboard. Red is a great colour for these.
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  5. PahLok

    PahLok RSM Club Member

    Cheers guys!

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