Hi from scotland!! Finally got myself a Mégane RS

Discussion in 'New to the Club? Why not introduce yourself?' started by Viney, Oct 11, 2018.

  1. Hey!

    I’ve been wanting a RS Mégane since my first Nurburgring trip in 2015. 3 years later and I’ve finally got one! Definitely took its time, but my god it feels pretty epic! Even though I’ve only been on the motorways so far.

  2. Gavin.

    Gavin. RSM Admin

    Welcome! Car looked great
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  3. -Jamie-

    -Jamie- RSM Moderator

    Good to see you on the forum Viney, definitely need to meet up with the pair at somepoint!
  4. Welcome along mate. Bit of a change to the M3, I remember that car well, last time I seen it though was when we got the chap up from down south to do the DCT software upgrades in Glasgow. That was a while ago now.

    You'll get on well with the Meg. That one has had a few 'upgrades' done though. it was on the cough* other forums stand at the autosport show. I think the guy sold it not long after.
  5. Welcome mate :smile: nice motor
  6. Thanks mate!
    We definitely need to Jamie

    I’ve still got a f80 but truly regret selling the e90.
    Loving the Megane though, it’s so raw with plenty of feedback.
    He never sold it, he just never used it for ages.

    Thanks man!

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  7. Lovely looking car I bet it’s wicked with all the upgrades inside. Wasn’t this the one for sale buy ktec at quite a hefty price

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  8. Nice one! Such a sweet car and similar mods to mine. If you’re like me then you’ll love it more each day.

    Are the Nitrons that much better than the OEM Ohlins? I’m guessing it provides more adjustability. It certainly has a much better stance with them.
  9. George@RTR Parts

    [email protected] Parts RSM Trader RSM Trader

    welcome along mate
  10. looking sweet, sits lovely
  11. Welcome Viney. Looks mint.

    Count me in on that!
  12. Lovely looking motor but pmsl at the subtitles on the vid. When u say nitrons and it reads knight surgeries wtf lol
  13. Welcome. Just got a Megane myself coming from an E92 M3.

    People who don't know cars assume you have fallen on hard times buying a Renault.
  14. I made the same move myself from an E92 to my second meg. Like you say folks who don’t know their cars apart from badge snobbery don’t understand lol. I’m cool with that.

    Good to have another jock onboard

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  15. We should have a Scottish meet up :smile:
  16. I’m up for that.

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  17. I'm actually from Scotland myself.

    South of the border now... way south. Can dip my toes in the channel if I fancy it.
  18. That looks stunning Viney. I look forward to seeing it out on track next year.
  20. Yeh it’s great with the mods! It wasn’t cheap and my original plan was to buy a rs250 with mods but this was the right car so went with it.

    Yeh it’s definitely growing with every drive. It’s away for winter now but I can’t wait to try it on track.

    It’s got more control and loads of adjustment so different in terms of what it offers compared to the ohlins.

    Thanks mate
    Thanks man

    Thanks and excellent

    Lol that’s class !

    The e9x is brilliant!

    How do you like the rs compared to it?

    Yeh exactly mate

    The people in the know, know!

    After the winter I think we definitely should

    Can’t wait mate

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