Hi from OZ...

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  1. Yep.
  2. Great thread and some very sympathetic mods. Like you I had a bluetooth JVC head unit and a couple of decent speakers installed, but other than that trying to keep the weight down. :smile:
  3. Love the R it looks beautiful.

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  4. Cheers.
  5. Cheers Lewis, they are a great package.
  6. A temporary mod that's only fitted to the car for a few hours then removed...
    Having done a few night rallysprints of late has meant the need for additional lighting. Not wanting to fit a light pod or have to make any permanent mods to the car I fitted this 24" light bar to a number plate bracket with a hidden wiring plug that makes installation & removal a simple 5 minute job. Whilst certainly not aesthetically pleasing it has worked a treat on the last 2 night events.

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  7. Great to see you're using the 275R the way its built for and all the best in your track events!

    May I ask do you need to remove the front bumper to install the tow strap, I had a look inside and to get the tow strap I bought from K-Tec Racing seems impossible through the front bumper. Thanks heaps :smile:
  8. Those LED light bars are crazy bright. Loads of the rally boys in the UK are switching to them now. I have a real urge for a MK3 Meg rally car. Not that rich sadly!
  9. No need to remove the bumper, I just trimmed the inside opening a little.
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  10. Couple of pics...




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  11. Got myself a Clio IV daily driver, a liquid yellow Cup...
    The Megane will step up to full time track use now (replacing my Clio III track car) & will move onto rally rego.


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  12. A few small updates for the Clio...

    Narva upgraded headlight bulbs.
    Black diamond covers.

    Exhaust resonator delete.
    Silicone intake hose.

    Stumpy aerial.

    Luggage net.
  13. Sun strip.

    New # plates like Megane.
  14. IMG_3826.JPG
  15. Clio roof painted Diamond black.


    De-badged & decals applied.


  16. Both cars looking beautiful.
  17. IMG_3866.JPG

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  18. New semis for the new season.
    Opted for the newer R888R over last seasons R888 which although good for longer supersprints proved a little too hard a compound for shorter lap dash or hillclimb events.
    Also sprayed the red Speedlines black.


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  19. Very nice. Pic fitted?

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  20. Car is currently in storage.
    Season kicks off in 3 weeks, will snap a pic or2 then.
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  21. Have you had a chance to drive on the R888R’s yet? Interested to see them vs the Cup 2’s and how much better dry grip is?

    I only use my 275 on weekends and track days so I was thinking to going to the R888R’s as my Street tyre next... just not sure how harsh ride and wet would be...

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  22. Not yet (see above).
    2 sets of wheels/tyres is the only answer if your using it regularly on track.
    Road tyres don't work on track & track tyres don't work on road, the dual purpose type are a compromise at best.
    Not so much the harshness or even the wet i'd be concerned about but you'd be lucky to get a couple thousand k's from them & they'd be very noisy & the hot pickup would soon destroy the paintwork on the guards too. In short don't do it.
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  23. 32573E56-FEAC-4F29-99F1-2BEFD169E7D0.jpeg
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  24. Well ended up with a second set of wheels (18 inch Tibors in gunmetal) so I’ll be running the toyo’s on those and keep that 19 Turini’s for daily duty.

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  25. Pitking bonnet pins fitted...

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  26. Have done a few club motorkhanas & hillclimbs in the Clio this year.

    FAF991B6-7EE5-4ADE-AC23-E3FF85515A78.jpeg 120C0459-059F-495B-B794-0C798BDC4E83.jpeg
  27. Using the Megane for the more competitive higher standard events.


    New decal I had made for the roof...
  28. Hi Guy can someone whose had there menage Renault Sport tuned suggest a specialist in the west midlands area thanks
  29. As my thread says ‘hi from oz’ I have no idea where the West midlands is. There’s plenty of threads on who tunes these cars. Try reading the applicable forums.
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  30. Big update this time...
    Decals for key cards.

    IMG_4035.jpg IMG_4034.jpg
  31. Key fobs look tidy. Gives a bit of character.

    I like them. Loving the thread as well. Keep the updates coming.
  32. Cheers.
  33. We have yet another Renault in the household, the daughter just picked up a new Captur. It’s basically a raised up Clio GT (1.2 turbo).

  34. A little maintenance for the Megane in preparation for the new race season...
    Usual fluids & filter changes plus-

    New lithium battery.

    Isolator switch.

    Speedlines powder coated & new semi’s.
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