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  1. Half cage arrived today.
    Unlike my Clio the Megane has to serve as a dual purpose road/track car for some time so no full cage for now.
    PITA to fit as its really a 2 man job, however once I removed the front seats & re-routed some wiring it went in ok.


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  2. Re-fitted ktec boot mat & Sabelt net...

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  3. Tow strap done...

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  4. Really nice build thread you have and I enjoy reading it.. I'm from Sydney as well, will do a intro post soon!

    May I ask where did you buy the tow strap from and does the cover fit over the strap fine? Thank you :smile:
  5. Ktec as I needed the bolt also.
    You have to trim a little off the base of the cover but you can't tell once fitted.
  6. Nice.. thanks for the info! :smile:
  7. Nice additions to a great car! :sunglasses:
  8. Fitted silicone hoses to the I/C pipe, intake & catch can.



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  9. Couple of small upgrades;
    Removed resonator from the oem Akra for a little more noise, a definite improvement.

    Also added the Powerflex upper engine mount insert, already have the Vibra-tech dogbone fitted.

    IMG_3504 (1).JPG
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  10. Made an airbox lid for the KTR intake.


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  11. Are there many vibrations through the cabin using the insert?
  12. -Jamie-

    -Jamie- RSM Moderator

    If you get the black one, yes. Mine is pretty bad now but then every other mount is uprated as well in some form so that may contribute to it. I cant sit in the car with it idling its that bad now LOL.
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  13. Haha flipping ek Jamie don't fancy that!
  14. -Jamie-

    -Jamie- RSM Moderator

    The yellow one is fine though, Slight increase but nothing too bad
  15. Decat downpipe replaced restrictive factory setup.

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  16. Couple of pics from the weekend.


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  17. RS-Tuning remap loaded today = :smiley:
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  18. Car is fantastic! Great thread so far.
    I'm trying to get some pictures close up of a Trophy R rear strut bar to get one fabricated.
    Is it removable or bolted?
  19. Yes its bolted in, easily removed.
  20. With just the Black top mount insert & Vibratech dogbone fitted theres some vibration at idle in 'normal mode' & virtually nothing in 'sport mode' (due to the higher idle changing the nvh no doubt). My Clio has had every mount & bush in the car replaced & it does buzz quite a bit at idle, still nothing that's overly concerning though imo.
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  21. Wagner intercooler arrived today, it should help alleviate concerns with the increase in boost. Ive also made up an intercooler spray to fit however this may not be necessary hopefully.

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  22. -Jamie-

    -Jamie- RSM Moderator

    Where did you put the bung for deleting the noise generator? Does the battery need to come out to get the space needed?
  23. I removed the noise generator completely & used a small silicone hose with an aluminium bung (see pics below).
    Yes you need to remove the battery box to access it, it's behind the intercooler hose.

    s-l1600.jpg s-l1600..jpg
  24. Tried the new map out on track today, very impressive however I found the launch control setting of 4000rpm too high for use with semi slicks (3000-3500rpm seems ideal). 4000rpm may be better suited to full slicks.
    It sure does make your launch & 1st sector times very consistent though which is nice.
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  25. -Jamie-

    -Jamie- RSM Moderator

    What size of hose was needed?
  26. 32mm from memory.
  27. Got some track time with the intercooler, downpipe & remap in place.
    The top end hasn't improved much but the bottom end & mid range are brilliant.
    Will try to get a clip up soon for those interested, not sure if it's throwing flame but it sounds good. The other benefit is that the 'blow off' chuff type noise (which I dislike) from the Ktec intake is much less noticeable now (the airbox lid helped this too).
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  28. Pic of car with new custom Simmons rims, similar in weight to the oem Speedlines, thanks to the Ohlins the ride & handling is still excellent.
    Love the stance with these wheels & they fill the pumped guards so much better than the Speedlines which are for track use.

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  29. Couple more pics...



  30. Hi Steve,
    I'm impressed with how you've individualised the car. Looks great!

    I met you at the hillclimb in Ringwood a few years ago. It was my first time at an event in the 225. It was great seeing how you attacked the course that day. I did a fair bit of work to my car since that day but I've sold it since. I wouldn't mind a Trophy R as my next play thing.

    Just a few questions:
    • Seems that one or two 275 owners in QLD have issues with temps with aftermarket I/Cs including the Wagner and getting better results with the standard set-up. Are you having heat issues? If not, I wonder if not having A/C helps. I junked the A/C in my 225 and there was a significant difference.
    • Have you done any before and after dyno testing with your mods to check power and torque curves?
    • Where are you placing the cat now that you have a decat engine pipe?
    Looking forward to further updates!
  31. Hi,
    Cheers for that.
    Don't recall meeting you sorry, i'm always busy at Ringwood events be it scrutineering or d/training or whatever else needs doing lol.
    I've seen reports of cars having issues with the full height coolers that block the rad which is why the Wagner seems the option for Oz imo.
    No doubt not having air con is a performance benefit in any car, the Clio improved without it.
    Spent a couple of years working at a tuning shop with a dyno & I've seen too many breakages for my liking. The gains in the car are quite obvious & i have a GTECH on hand.
    I have a 200 cell cat that I can bolt in.
    Ive not had the Megane long so no doubt there are many others better qualified to comment on them than me but I would try to find an 'R' if u plan on tracking it, at 1280kg it's 100kg lighter than other 265/275s (at least the 'ring spec' cars are). You can always add power.
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  32. Wrapped the engine cover.

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  33. No doubt about measurable charge air drop with the Wagner but the issue a 275 owner had was water and oil temps significantly increasing which didn't occur reverting back to OEM. All measured with the RS Monitor.

    I also spent time working at a tuning shop with a hub dyno but I found it was the most reliable way to verify the value of a modification. However, I agree that in the end lap times don't lie but there are so many variables with getting a lap time.

    Did you replace the whole Akrapovic or just certain sections?

    I took nearly 100kgs out of my 225 and the difference in performance was obvious. From what I've read the A/C equiped Trophy Rs add just 10kgs. Despite that it's still a significant weight saving even with A/C.

    Have you played around with the suspension settings? Have you used Laurent Hurgon's recommendations?

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  34. Not really interested in speculating why someone had heat issues, I wasn't there & don't know the circumstances so can't contribute anything of use. If you have concerns about products just don't fit them.
    Yes hub dynos are more sympathetic to drivetrains than rollers.
    No I havn't removed the Akra.
    The air con equipped cars also have stereo systems, satnav system, plus other added interior trim bits & pieces.
    Yes ive tried different settings with the Ohlins including the 10 rear 5 front setting.
    Please pm me if you have other questions.
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  35. Apologies if you feel that I've contaminated your intro thread, it wasn't my intention. My intention is to share and discuss ideas to make informed decisions. It's not a personal criticism of your decisions. We all end up deciding what we think is best for our car with what we know. I simply provided some facts about one persons experience with a Wagner vs OEM. I really appreciate you sharing your experience which will certainly be an important factor in helping me make my decisions. Thanks!

    I will PM from now on. I'm looking forward to your updates with your progress.

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  36. No dramas mate, I simply want to try to keep this a build thread on this car & not go off onto tangents that can be discussed elsewhere on the forum. I'm sure there are plenty of other members that can give you much better product advice than me anyway, or try the OZRS site there are plenty of experts on there that will happily sling shit at any product/manufacturer lol.
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  37. A friend followed me last night & video'd the car pushing out flame on upshifts & trailing throttle.
    Here's a quick clip from my phone this morning, the noise & lighting quality is crap but you still get the idea.
    I will try to get some decent clips up soon.

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  38. Wrapped the KTR intake lid.

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  39. Autotecnica indoor showcar cover, non-scratch fitted with a softshell liner, I always buy these for my cars, beautiful quality covers.

    IMG_3575 (2).JPG
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  40. Nice!

    Did you get the 'Green Hell' kit which came free with all Australian delivered Trophy Rs which included a light weight Lithium battery amongst a range of other go-fast bits and pieces?

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