Hi all - Now recieved by 2012 Megane 265.....NEED HELP Please ??

Discussion in 'New to the Club? Why not introduce yourself?' started by Robert Budd, Nov 6, 2018.

  1. Robert Budd

    Robert Budd RSM Club Member

    20181104_211354.jpg What a great car !!! Thunderstruck how quick yet easy she is to live with ........... Looking at an initial Stage 1 upgrade , just ECU , Filter and maybe some exhaust tinkering - Really really interested in what to do, but more importantly where - My issue is I'm on the South Coast so not so close to some of the obvious suppliers. My thoughts are I need someone with a rolling road to get the before and after readings with the best set up ?? Any advice really appreciated ?? Many thanks .................
  2. Where abouts on the south coast are you mate?
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  3. He’s Southampton.

    I drove all the way to RS Tuning for my remap. There and back in a day and I’m in littlehampton (south coast).
    Well worth it. Specialist cars. I’d only want a specialist to work on it.
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  4. Youre lucky, I live in the midlands so not near any tuners
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  5. Double D i live in Leicester RS Tuning is not that far away really. There, dyno, remap etc and back on half a tank. Can't complain really.
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  6. It would be a 5 hour round trip, plus remap time for me.
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  7. -Jamie-

    -Jamie- RSM Moderator

    EFI might be a bit closer and would be my choice
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  8. Robert Budd

    Robert Budd RSM Club Member

    Ashurst near Southampton ..............
  9. Robert Budd

    Robert Budd RSM Club Member

    Thanks , I'll look them up ??
  10. I'm based in north east Hampshire and went to Engine Dynamics for a remap the other day. Only around 100 miles but plenty of m25 and the Dartford crossing was a hassle, so a solid 2 hours each way.

    Well worth it though. Very pleased with Engine Dynamics and felt my car was in good hands.
  11. Ahh cool, Im in dibden so about 10mins from you.

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