HELP / ADVICE PLEASE (clutch problem)

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  1. Ive recently had a new clutch fitted along with the DMF and concentric slave cylinder.

    I picked up my RS 250 cup from the garage and the bite point is very low to the floor, it has about 1/2" of travel before it bites, it changes gear ok but is very difficult to drive I certainly would not want to take it to the ring as it is.

    My mechanic tells me that there is possibly an air lock and that will improve with time (Im not convinced). It has been bled by another mechanic but its made no difference to the clutch travel.

    Is it possible for the clutch plate to be put in the wrong way round?

    Any advice will be gratefully received
  2. The slave cyclinder might need bleeding or it's just how it is with being new. Should improve with 500-1000 miles. I don't think the meganes clutches are self adjusting
  3. Is it possible for the clutch plate to be put in wrong??
  4. The clutches on these are difficult to bleed. It sounds to me like it hasnt been done properly. The best way of doing it is to reverse bleed it from the slave side up to the reserve. It shouldnt have anything to do with it been new. It is self adjusting btw. The pressure plate needs setting before it is fitted. HTH
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  5. And if theres air in it it wont improve with time as the air will still be in there until it is bled out.
  6. Thank you for your replies.
    So its not possible to put the plate in the wrong way round ?
    Sounds like I will have to take it back for it to bled then, not what i want before going to the ring.
  7. No. Can't be put in the wrong way round. If the new slave hasn't been prefilled before refitting it can also cause trouble as the slave is quite a bit after the bleed nipple which doesn't help bleeding
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  8. Sorry but you are wrong, there has been a person on here that has had a problem with there clutch plate being fitted the wrong way round, it is possible and as for bleeding, push the clutch peddle down to the floor and wedge it down with a peace of wood or such like and leave like that for at least 5/6 hours, preferably overnight.
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  9. Ian is correct, it can be fitted wrongly.
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  10. Done fingers crossed it helps.
    Presumably there is no way of checking the clutch plate apart from taking it all apart?
    Cheers. Ian from another Ian
  11. No there is no way of telling unless you remove the gearbox, or wait to see if you slave cylinder fails :dizzy:

    Cheers Ian, Ian :laughing::laughing:
  12. Apologies for the miss info. I was going from memory of doing mine last year and pretty sure the center of the friction disc where the shaft goes through was thicker one side than the other. Couldnt imagine it been able to fit the wrong way round but if its been done before then fair enough :astonished:. I wouldnt take it back to that garage to try and help any more if that is the case though :grimacing:

    Hope youve managed to sort it.
  13. Cheers for the replys, I will going back to the garage that's for sure as I've just paid out £1350 and I'm not paying anymore..
    The guy I used is very good if he has made a mistake he will sort it..
    Hopefully the wood holding down the clutch overnight would have helped I'll find out shortly fingers crossed and a little prayer .

    Just out for a little drive hopefully I'll be able to enjoy it and not go back to the garage..
  14. Just little update.
    The piece of wood trick has definitely helped and has improved the clutch..
    Just been out having a little drive as you do, all seems reasonable.
    Then wait for, just hit a f******* pot hole that was unavoidable and taken out the side wall on the front off side, hopefully the rim is ok. Not happy.
  15. Might be worth trying again with the piece of wood :laughing:
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  16. Just been to see my mechanic, he has tried to bleed the clutch again . He now suggested getting a new clutch master cylinder, to improve the compression of the fluid in the system more money although he has said he won't charge any labour..

    He seems quite confident that the clutch will probably sort it's self out but probably is good enough with a ring trip just round the corner..

    So the peice of wood is back in place to help things before spending more money that I haven't got.
  17. I have just had mine done and had the same problem blead it but found the master had a crack in it, replaced it and re blead it again and now is all good. Drives beautifuly now.
  18. Cheers for your input,
    I'm having a new master fitted on friday, I really hope it sorts things before I have a nervous breakdown.
  19. The new master has been fitted, no difference.
    Its all coming out again to fit another concentric slave cylinder.

    Not happy at all !!
  20. Finally I think it's sorted,

    Some kind realese valve don't know what it's called.

    This seems to have been the offender. 20180523_205738.jpg

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  21. wtf not seen anything like that on mine, great that you have it sorted now :sunglasses:
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  22. All set for the ring now!!

    It runs from the near side bulk head underneath the air box and battery, spotted it by chance from underneath as the leaking break/clutch fluid had pealed the paint off of the anti roll bar.

    Definitely something for others to look for !!
  23. Come to think of it, im sure thats a common issue, common enough that i think some german company made a metal part for it, thats if im not mistaken.
  24. Ohh, I friend of mine had problem with this kind of valve...but my mechanic said it could be a problem in the pedal actuator. So we decided to order the cylinder. Hope it is not too late to cancel the cylinder and maybe check this valve first. The problem is we don't have the cylinder or this valve readly available, and the car must wait disassembled after the right problem cause is
    So it is like a kind of release valve...I found the oem number is 308510035R
  25. threw that of mine in the bin and fitted a hel one
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  26. I did the same with mine.
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