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  1. Hi Everyone,

    I was not aware of Renault Megane RS 4 Trophy untill one day i gone to my dealer. Upon admiring some of the exposed cars which consisted of High end BMW, Jaguars, Land Rover... I spotted a small Renault coloured Yellow. I said weared!!!! a small car. I approached and it was an instand game changer. I loved the rear of the car and i instantly ask the dealer to power up the engine. The car engine was cold and beginning to warm up and it was roaring, i sat inside gave some quick wroom wroom and that was it i felt in love.

    I am new to RS Megane and i wish to have good discussion and knowledge about the RS Megane 4.
    I have recently acquired an RS 300 Trophy Year 2021. Vehicle was at 19000 KMs. My other vehicle is a Renault Duster Diesel which is very good vehicle and higly efficient.

    The RS Trophy is my first ever sport car.

    I choosen the vehicle due to the following:

    -Appearance and Style.
    -5 Seat.
    -Rear Cargo boot.
    -Can be use as a family car.
    -Popping sound.
    -Fast acceleration.

    I use the car for daily driving and work. The cup chassis is firm but iam adapting. MySense mode seems to abosrb bumps compared to other modes.



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