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  1. hello, I'm from the north west (st.helens) and hopefully ill see some of you out and about. im currently on the look for a new megane as a weekend toy, i used to own a liquid yellow r26 HN57 KTF no.2185 and spent a lot of time on the forum and hopefully will do again. does anybody on here no who has the car with the above reg its not on the register but i would love to maybe buy it back. hopefully i will end up with a 275 cup s with all the bell and whistles but I'm open to any megane in the right condition as ill probably be spending a lot of time making the car mine. is there any must have options you have regretted not having or anything to look out for when buying a mk2 megane as far as I'm aware theres nothing out the ordinary to check for ?
    I also like my bikes as much as cars and currently have an mt10. 260550_10150639519000268_3610935_n.jpg 225069_10150566462525268_5198203_n.jpg 18921989_10159027480735268_7733576070592605833_n.jpg
  2. I would say now age, is a factor with mk2 meganesports.
    Even the newest examples are 10 years old.
    My own R26 has led a sheltered life,but even on 47k, it needed decent money spent on it last year.
    I did the swivel bearings,droplinks,gear linkage refresh, and steering components.
    It also has a sticking release bearing when cold..so really when its out, i should do at least the clutch as well,but to be safe the flywheel should be done to.
    It also needs its second belt of its lifetime, being 10 years old.
    This is without wear items and cosmetics like a bumper respray,new lights because of paint bubbling,door handles flaking paint etc.

    So any megane you look at,you might have to figure in items like this,or be prepared to possibly spend out.

    I think just a few select mods put the R26 on a par with more modern fast hatches.
    Premium brake pads and fluid,shortshift,premium tyres and a remap will put it right on the pace.

    As you say,they dont really suffer from anything sinister.
    Most common reported last year i would say ,
    are the swivel bearings seizing,and gear linkage getting stiff,and needing refreshing.
  3. cheers for the reply but thats meant to be a mk3 not mk2 what I'm really after, although i would have a mk2 i think there getting to the age where they could potentially cost a lot of money to run. i miss my old r26 though and it had all the mods i wanted so id defiantly be interested in buying it back.
  4. Just round the corner in Warrington so may well see you. I'm keen on getting an aftermarket exhaust for my 250 but want to hear some in the flesh before deciding....need some guinea pigs :smile:
  5. mk3 seems to be just as tough..
    only thing that crops up time and time again in knocking front suspension,
    and gearbox mount bolt snapping.
  6. Cheers, do it, I got a millek for my r26 and it sounded so much better. well as soon as I find one it will be one of the first things I buy unless I get the full alkra in that case I won’t be touching it. Ill let you have a listen
  7. :grinning: CGR or KTR are two systems I have my eyes on

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