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  1. I am a new proud owner of a MK2 225. Need advice what to do the car for mainly driving on tracks and especially Nurburgring. What coilovers to use etc.. Heard something about changing to LSD Diff?
  2. Hi Oddrey
    Hi and welcome
    It will all depend on your budget, but for me i have BC coilovers and a Quaiffe diff, you will also need to to get some decent front pads and do a brake fluid change to something like Motul RBF660, also some decent tyres, now that is going to be a debate :laughing::laughing::laughing: for me Federal 595rsr.
  3. Thanks for the advice, what will a quaiffe diff cost me?
  4. You’ve received some good advice already.
    I also used BC and I was very happy with them. For more money AST’s have a very good reputation. I also had a Quaife LSD on my 225 and it was definitely needed for the track. A major consideration is installation cost. I also did an upgraded clutch and single mass flywheel at the same time as it’s all a gearbox out installation.

  5. What will a UK company take for installation? And where to buy BC Coilovers? Don’t Kw make clubsport for this cars?
  6. I can’t answer for UK companies as I’m in Australia. CGR sell BC’s.
  7. What exhaust is recommended? My car have a sort of homemade solution cat back
  8. Is there any kits for power upgrade, induction/intercooler kit?

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