Hello from Dorset, Bought my first RS - 250 cup

Discussion in 'New to the Club? Why not introduce yourself?' started by RS250 castle combe, May 3, 2020.

  1. Sorry I should have said in your 265
  2. Garages are around £30 in the UK, Spa is £170 but you can get 8 or so cars in one, Silverstone is £40 and that takes 6 cars.
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  3. Not done Combe in the 265

    How about Brands in the wet in the 265 :laughing::laughing:
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  4. What sort of top speed do you get round Thruxton?
  5. I was apexing "Church" at about 118mph and i think about 130+ before the chicane (standard power), almost hitting the limiter in 5th, what ever that is.

    Normally keep my eyes on the road and mirrors :laughing:
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  6. I really want to do thruxton as its not to far from me. just worried about oil starve. guess its not a massive deal as i know clio cups dont have baffles...
  7. As long as your oil is at the right level, there is nothing to worry about, i have never had a oil problem with the F4r engine oil system, there is a splash plate in the sump to stop the crank whipping the oil up.

    I have done loads of different tracks and if you look at my engine forging thread, you can see the condition of the big end bearings after 115k miles, this would show any starvation.
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  8. yeah ive seen your build a few months ago actually. Makes me feel better about it now. Ive come from a Honda with a K20 that never gave me any trouble and i beat on that everyday. Guess its how you look after them that counts the most, or helps at least

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