Hello from Dorset, Bought my first RS - 250 cup

Discussion in 'New to the Club? Why not introduce yourself?' started by RS250 castle combe, May 3, 2020.

  1. Hi , Been reading loads of very interesting stuff on here for a while now , so thought I best introduce myself ... I am new to the Renault world , that said I purchased my 250cup last august,
    its bought strictly of track purpose ,but road legal .. so far I have only managed one track day , as had some issues :tired: but hopefully will be sorted soon ...
    when we all finally (hopefully) some time this year, get back to normal , I am looking forward to doing more track days and meeting some of you guys ...!
  2. lots of knowledge on here mate..so dont be afraid to ask!
  3. and welcome!
  4. That's brilliant to know!! thanks, I will try and sent a picture of car when I work out how to lol
  5. IMG_20191228_153657653_HDR.jpg
  6. nice...imgur..is a very easy one to get pics put up...
  7. manugtt

    manugtt RSM Club Member

    Hi and welcome man! This place is like the bible of Megs, so I hope you enjoy it. Nice machine by the way, what are you doing on it?
  8. Hi and thanks ! yes its just had a turbo refresh, then just waiting for a remap , which could take a while :anguished:
  9. Interesting front panel.

    I am assuming its already pretty heavily modified if it has that level of extra cooling?
  10. Welcome
  11. thanks ! it was running a hybrid turbo by previous owner, but had turbo issues, so it went back to a standard turbo, which is when I bought it , in the belief that it was all good , at the time i came from a bmw diesel back ground 335d , so new nothing about these cars, wasn't till I got on track that I realised it was down on power , with lots of blue smoke :rage:
    the annoying thing is I paid strong money thinking to get at least a few track days in , but sadly wasn't the case, so hopefully when its remapped this time, i just want it set up nice for track on what ever power it makes , so i can use it ,
    i find its all about the handling of these cars which is on a different level to my previous cars, that's what i like about them ! also think they look awesome, if i could choose again i would of gone for black same as all my last cars ...
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  12. So i presume you are local to Castle Combe, it's my closest circuit and so is Thruxton both at around 140 miles away, I have only ever done one track day there and the was in my Orange 225, i need to get back there again sometime.

    Mine is set up as a track car and has just under gone a turbo upgrade :laughing:
    I had a hybrid on my 225, it got damaged after being mapped, have it rebuilt and it went bang again, this time i went for a straight turbo not an altered one.
  13. Hi yes, i am about 50 minutes from both Castle Combe and Thruxton .. i have been reading your thread about the turbo upgrade , and very impressed with what you are building, looks awesome !!! can i ask who mapped your 225 ? or was it just bad luck ... i am so looking forward to getting back on track and have a few questions to ask about tyres and off sets
  14. It went to RStuning three times, will never go back.
    I use EFI now and i get a far better customer service from there.
    Last time it was mapped at RSt i was told it was running 317hp, it did feel quicker, but not that spectacular, EFI put it on the there rolling road and it was showing about 260hp, it wasn't pushed as it was running so lean at the top end.

    Once they had finished it was running 320hp and the difference was dramatic, really dramatic, power all the way to the red line and past.

    I'm just waiting for him to open up again to get mine mapped.
  15. Fellow OG owner over here...also local to Combe, 15 mins away from me, still haven’t done it.

    Need to arrange a TD there once this is all over.
  16. What, with your arch gap :kissingclosed:
  17. That's very interesting, as that is where mine was mapped long before i bought my car...
    317hp down to 260 is a massive difference :anguished: i am quite shocked to here this tbh as i have only heard good reports from RS tuning .... i live very close to ktec racing who i believe use RSt maps .... where are EFI based too ?
  18. EFI are in Runcorn, 6 + hours each way for me, been there a couple of times now, won't go anywhere else.
  19. 15 mins away ,thats brilliant !! i started Castle Combe in my daughters stage 2 mapped little bmw 118d lol as she lost her licence and wanted to keep her car running so i lowered it , ,new brake lines , fluid and pads and ended up doing 6 track days there last year ,and then bought my rs250 which i only done one day at Combe due to turbo problems :weary:
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  20. everyone who knows uses EFI now.We are down in devon,and all my mates who have powerful hot hatch race cars have had their cars set up by EFI.So many people fking around with tuning thatdont know what they are doing.Know so many lads whos cars have blown up when going to the wrong people.
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  21. How many miles has yours done, mine has done 114k now, iv'e done over 20k since August 2018, must have done 20 trackdays, 8 times to Spa, 4 to the Nurbgring and quite a few UK trackdays.

    The turbo i took off is in perfect condition, its never been changed as i have all the service history from the 1 previous owner.
  22. got me thinking now :neutral: thanks for that !
  23. Mind you it only took me 4 1/2 hrs last time, i towed it there and back, roads were really quite :laughing::laughing::laughing:
  24. you really cant put a price on a mega expensive engine.Its worth a day of anyones time for the security,that the engine is in capable hands.
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  25. mine has only done 53k i think , without looking , so yeah not many at all , i spoke to the guy that first owned my car which he said it was running a hybrid for about 2 years (all good) before it went wrong , then they replaced with a new hybrid turbo that died not long after , so this is when they decided to revert back to a standard turbo .. when i bought the car i only got half this story from the second owner ... i only found this out my meeting the first owner at Combe as they were mates and he new i was going there that day ...
  26. Don't give up on it, its just one of them things, when its all sorted then you will know its all worth it effort.
    These cars on track are the dogs, i have hounded a lot of faster and way more expensive cars on track :laughing::laughing:

    If you need any advice, just ask, we are here to help each other out :sunglasses:
  27. totally agree ! your engine is the key part , i don't mind driving anywhere really , i drove to Morecombe bay for my first 335d i had ... then a 3 hour drive to get the hybrid turbos set up , but was well worth it as they new there stuff with diesel tuning !
  28. yeah brilliant , that's really nice to know thx , the one time i did go on track , even know it was well under powered that day i only got up to 123mph upto avon rise which i was getting 116mph (on my app) in the little 118d , but the handling in the RS250 was epic to say the least , its on BC coil overs and corner weighted , running ad08r 235/40/18s just awesome !
  29. On the flip side, I know of one that went to EFI and went pop less than half an hour into his first trackday....

    RST have a very good rep in the RS community and I’ll be taking mine either there or down to Andy at Engine Dynamics. [mention]James275 [/mention]one of several I know who’ve been to RST and come back with great results and even better feedback.
  30. Mine is also on BC's and was corner weighted at the time of fitting, how much life is there in the AD08r's, ???
    I bought a set, used them at Anglesey for 4/5 hot laps then took them off, thought they were crap,so i put my Federal 595Rsr's back on and that's my dry track choice.
    I also bought 2 sets of R888's, i have used one set, the others were going to go on for two days at the ring, (got cancelled) then they will get binned, hated them, good for about 3/4 laps and they would slide everywhere.
  31. How many miles has yours done, mine has done 114k now, iv'e done over 20k since August 2018, must have done 20 trackdays, 8 times to Spa, 4 to the Nurbgring and quite a few UK trackdays.

    The turbo i took off is in perfect condition, its never been changed as i have all the service history from the 1 previous owner.

    20 track days, that's crazy ... these must be strong engines to perform at that level , i guess you drop the oil after every Td
  32. Andy said he would prefer not to map my 225 with all the modifications, as he didn't have that sort of experience, he wouldn't say who to go too, but when i mentioned EFI he said that it would be a good choice
  33. I change the oil after 3 UK trackdays or after a foreign trip plus one UK trackday
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  34. To be fair it wasn't that hot on the day i went , plus i was getting use to the car , i thought they held up fairly good (ado8r)
    this was going to be my question which tyres do you recommend, also i just bought some TD pro race 1.3 on a 55et whats the widest tyres best for those rims ? interesting about the r888's
  35. You sure you don't have my car :laughing::laughing::laughing:
    I have TD1.3's as well, i run 255 35 18's there cheaper than 235 and 245's, plus the lower profile gives you slightly less side walls height.
    Apparently the new R888rs's are not as good as the R888 's are, not tried them, don't think i will either.
  36. Ok that's being very honest ... great to know thx and interesting !
  37. I did have a good chat with Andy, explained what modifications i had done, when he said that he preferred not to map it i thanked him for being honest, i have bought parts from him and without any problems.
  38. wish i did , i love black cars :laughing: yeah there nice wheels , i actually have only 3 of the 1.3 e55s but the car came with TD 1.3 et45 running the 235s so i need one more of the et55 that way i can run the 255/35 your on about , looking forward to that , and might try the 595s with your advice .... i have only used ad08r and ns2r's which were on the bmw (not that good )
  39. cant argue with that !
    Nice to meet you sir , im off now, got to be up at 5;30 ... be back on tomorrow evening ..
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  40. I have another set i bought from Germany, there 8.5j et55 and they have been okay, for the road i use either the standard 19's i have 2 sets and a set of standard 18's, so i have 5 sets of wheels :laughing::laughing:

    I think i also have 5 sets of tyres, one set are ready for the bin (Rainsport 3's) for the road i used to run Goodyear asymmetric 3's, very good in the wet, now i have the new asymmetric 5's but not tried them in the wet yet.

    I really like the 595's, i don't think you can beet them for the price, AR1's are good but there really expensive.

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