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  1. Just a quick hello, I've just bought my first Megane rs 250 and I'm a bit surprised how good it is. I've been a mechanic/workshop manager for over 20 years and owned so many cars I've lost count, all of them I've modified in some way. The vast majority of the cars I've owned have been German but I've grown bored with them and fancied a complete change. I'd read and been told good things about the mk3 Megane rs so I thought I'd give one a go. So far I've got to say that it's the first car in a very long time that's put a proper smile on my face, it's art is in the engineering not the cosmetic and that makes it a bit special.
  2. Hello and welcome. They are fun to drive to drive. Not appreciated by most who seem to think what makes a good car is just going fast in a straight line.
  3. Welcome mate, I'm not too far away in Gateshead. What colour and spec is your 250? Very rarely see any around this way!
  4. Thanks, your totally right, I've owned cars that would charge towards the horizon at ridiculous speeds but never felt useable on a good back road.
  5. Hi, thanks for the welcome.
    It's a white lux, totally standard at the moment but I doubt that will last long, I'm looking for a cup gearbox to go in it. I've only seen one other at the local Tesco the other day which suits me as I hate being one of the crowd.
  6. Totally agree, hate being one of the crowd too! I like the fact that most people have no clue what I'm driving! Sure the lads on here could point you in the direction of an LSD box, very helpful bunch. Renparts might be worth a punt?
  7. Hello mate. Where abouts in durham u from?
  8. Hi, sunny Chester le street.
  9. tof73

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    hi and welcome, know the area well, missus is from Darlo up north and i worked for 3 year in Stockton, nice area to be fair people aren't as friendly down here (worcester)
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  10. Hello from a fellow County Durham 250 owner! (near Bishop Auckland)
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