Hello all.

Discussion in 'New to the Club? Why not introduce yourself?' started by RichM, May 5, 2024.

  1. RichM

    RichM RSM Club Member

    Hi everyone, I'm picking up a Megane III RS next week, it's going to be my mid-life crisis car. I had a 1.6 16v Magane mk1 in the early 2000's but the cam belt snapped at 60mph and that was that. It was a bunch of family cars after that. But now I'm in my mid 40's and after saving for many years its time for a little fun. Wish me luck.

  2. Hi and welcome Rich

    What is your intended use for you new toy ???
  3. Welcome. Enjoy. Great Cars.
  4. RichM

    RichM RSM Club Member

    Weekend runabout, maybe have a go at a track day.

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