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  1. after i finished my jobs today, i went to the workshop and fix one problem that really been bugging me for a long time on this car, it's the washer pipes for the headlight washers.

    I'm not really bothered if they work or not, but it leaks all of the screen wash from the bottle, every time i take the bumper off i fix a leak, only to refit it and another leak appears.

    I hope i have fixed this permanently now

    49924288211_6ec5ad3f48_k.jpg IMG_20200522_155639 by Ian Austin, on Flickr
  2. I have the same problem :tired:
    my bumper is off at the moment so this has given me the answer !!
    where did you buy the pipe eBay or Halfords ? I also need some Itg air filter cleaner now that i can get to it :neutral:
  3. Ebay mate, i bought 30m of the stuff :laughing::laughing:

    Pm me your address and i will send you some
  4. i have this problem. do you just pull the pipe off the actual jet mech bit on the right of your picture? mine seems to not wanna come off and didnt wanna force and break it
  5. You need to warm them up a little, or just cut with a Stanley knife, the pipe is a bit hard so it will crack off with just scoring it.

    To put the replacement pipe on that also had to be warmed up.
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  6. Do you know if the size is the same as the pipe that goes to the window washers as I have some that size
  7. It is about the same size, the washer pipe is rubber.
    You will need about 2mtrs
    If you pm me your address i can send you some of the stuff i have as well
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  8. Nice one man. Il check see how much I have and il pm you if I need any
  9. okay
  10. Youve just jogged my memory about how much screen wash these cars use due to leaky headlight washers. And because of peer pressure from you an others on here :wink::tearsofjoy: ill be deleting my headlight washers when i fit a bigger intercooler, 2 birds with one brick as they say:sunglasses:
  11. I suppose i could have deleted them, but for a couple of pence for the pipe :sunglasses:
  12. Well ive got no choice now ian i was gona keep it stock but now its getting a solid fly an clutch through warranty, although not by my hand its no longer pure, its kinda like the virgin mary now:tearsofjoy: an ive got no option but to slap an intercooler, induction kit an injectors on the tainted bitch :sunglasses: plus ive made a list of bits to delete, an i do love deleting:sunglasses:
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  13. Slippery slope :laughing::laughing::laughing:
  14. Not wrong pal but as long as i steer clear of any parts named pec,woosner,supertec etc i should be ok. im gona do all the easy cheap-ish mods before mapping an see if they make any difference on the rollers. intercooler, home made induction kit, stickers etc :wink::tearsofjoy:
  15. Stickers :fearscream: how many ???? i might have to get an even bigger turbo if you have too many stickers as you will have more power than me :cry::cry:
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  16. Ive got all the stickers from my last build, i never fitted them as i was already making the torque limit for the r26r clutch :sunglasses::tearsofjoy: should make this standard motor a safe 300/300. foglamp an headlight washer delete might push it over the limit but ill risk it cos i love working on these cars:hearteyes::tonguewink::sunglasses:
  17. Have you any proof of the final amount of stickers, only because a friend has loads and loads of stickers on his car but it seems to have slowed it down, so to many might reverse the power graph :openmouth::openmouth:
  18. No offence to him but he must of fitted them incorrectly i did a 3 an half day college course on sticker fitting an zip tie mechanics, so not to blow my own crumpet but im pretty shit hot finished 7th out of 10 in my class:sunglasses: an ive enough stickers to sticker bomb a vw front wing :tearsofjoy::sunglasses::sunglasses::sweat:
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  19. Holly shit mate didn't think you were that good, he's never said he's done a course on sticker fitting so that might tbe the reason why then.

    Do i need to do a Zip tie course, i do own 2 Renaults, so do you think it's worth the effort of doing the course ????

    As for VW's the more stickers i thought the more erratic they drive, or have i got that slightly wrong ????.
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  20. "Do you need a zip tie course" you own two renaults i dont know how you do that without said course you must be a very talented man with the spanners or have very reliable renaults:fearscream::tearsofjoy:
  21. I have one very reliable Renault (Espace) bet i have just jinksed that one and the 265 has been very good so far
  22. I wish i never said it pal ive never had a renault breakdown on me i just hope my new meg wasnt listening or im knackered :tearsofjoy:
  23. good job you didn't own my mk2 then :cry::cry::cry:
    you would certainly know the in's and out's of the car :tired:
  24. I knew the ins an outs of my second r26 the day i drove it home fully forged the clutch slave line popped off half a mile from my house so i drove it home slow with no clutch an minimal gear changes an it killed 2nd gear synchro ive driven cars much further with no clutch an never had an issue :weary:
  25. Sounds like it was on it's way out anyway then, the only problem i had with my 225 was when i bought it it was jumping out of 6th, while it was stripped to do that i also had a Quaiffe diff fitted, was running 360ftlb of torque for a long time and lots of miles and trackdays with no problems.

    Sounds like your just an animal :laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing: bouncing it off of the limiter in second all the way home :yum::yum:
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  26. @Azza put a note in your diary, i'm going to be at EFI for 15.30 on the 2nd July
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  27. Thatll do pal ill see you there in my standard meg:sunglasses::tearsofjoy:
  28. Ian where the 2 hoses fits to washer pump motor , should there be 2 quick release fittings or one ?
  29. On the pump there are two fittings, both should have quick release fittings, the washer heads are barbed.
    I will take a pic of mine tomorrow for you.
  30. Ok cool ...
    I done the easy side ..

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  31. Oh wow there professional headlight washers:sunglasses: the mk2 is just a hose from the washer bottle motor to a leaky jet on the bumper. An i see how renault made more power on the mk3 now, they must be good for 10bhp per side i see why ian never deleted them now :wink::sunglasses::tearsofjoy:

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