Headlight Adjustment - 2013 Meg RS

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  1. Morning all, first time on the forums, picked up my 2013 RS 265 Trophy last week and am loving every minute of it - quick question, how do you adjust the headlight angle, they are a bit short distanced at the present. Thanks heaps.

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  3. T
    That's awesome thanks mate, tonight's job I guess!
  4. pleasure..... always like to help a new owner

    you might want to search thru the website below regarding workshop manuals for the Megane. In particular I got my Visu manual from this site which I couldn't find anywhere else on the web. Visu gives you all the electrical wiring, connection details, etc for the Megane. It's a number of interactive files that you download, and use Microsoft Edge to navigate - excellent resource if you need to troubleshoot electrical problems.

    I think it also has the general workshop manuals - comes in 8 discrete files - engine, transmission, chassis etc. These files are too big for me to attach, but I have attached 3 files that are specific to RS models, so complement the general Megane w/shop manuals.


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  5. Cheers mate

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