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harness bar for the mk3 being made.

Discussion in 'Track Days & Track Driving' started by rockabilly, Sep 12, 2022.

  1. so popped down to see my old mate woodsie at sw motorsports, he is going to make me a harness bar that needs no drilling and attaches to the sill seatbelt bolt on each side and the seatbelt anchorage on the b post. retaining the original belt aswell. also will have bracing and a d-tube to give clearance to the seat rears. this is not a roll bar as it will not have bracing going to the the rear seat deck. i suspect it will give some roof rollover support though nowhere near what a half cage would do. no price atm be let me know on here if your interested in one.
    will post pics in the coming weeks.
  2. this will also allow you to put 4 x track wheels in the back seat area (if removed) and tools etc in the boot. hence why i have gone down this route.perfect for ring/spa trips etc
  3. I take it this is similar to the harness bars ktec used to sell.
  4. i would say yes in indead. the later one like rene made and advertised in jan on here. but with additional support and gusseting.

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