GW megane 250

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  1. Purchased this one from Aldo back in June, only had it 4 months and sold it. Ended up in a golf r for a few months then by chance bought this one back.

    decent spec, mileage now on 74k and just had a fresh mot advisory free and service.

    Spec wise is perfect with the recaros, viz pack, rs monitor. It already has some pretty good modifications, kw coilovers, Wagner cooler, remap.

    Maintenance wise it’s decent, Aldo carried out the gearbox rebuild, new clutch, new ball joints, belts.

    since buying it back I’ve opted for some tibors wrapped in PS4’s with 20mm spacers and I love the look of it now, not sure if I should add a little rear spoiler and front splitter.

    engine wise I’m tempted to go sports cat and a map tweak but not sure if it’ll be worth it.
    Hopefully I can keep hold of it this time and not be impulsive and sell it and buy something else.

    i only drive it on a weekend, hopefully get to some shows/meets with it.

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