Gutted - Gearbox mount gone even though I have the stronger bolt.

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  1. Hello All,

    I'm gutted, replaced the gearbox bolt under the battery tray with the stronger one from KTR.

    Probably driven 50 miles and then today finally had a chance to have a good B road blast while only owning the car a few weeks. Heard a thud and then just felt a a bit of rumbling in the steering. luckily only a mile away from the house so drove back carefully and managed to get the tray off. I think i have a gearbox mount issue.

    still need to get the battery tray out but a couple of questions.

    Are there any better mounts to upgrade but without a huge impact on a hardcore ride.

    If the bolt did fail should i be using a different one than the ktr one.

    ill update again later but i think a full swap over to a new mount and bolt is probably worth doing.... also any guides to doing this.



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  2. You need to see what’s actually broke first. Is it the bolt or the mount and go from there
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  3. Ok think I've been lucky. Lesson learnt do not use the washer provided. Just modify the original. So washer bent and snapped bolt went through the gap. I'm hoping this means all is well and no damage was done.

    Can someone confirm the torque setting for this bolt.

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  4. That’s about the best result you could’ve hoped for, no damage done and an easy fix.
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  5. Hi,
  6. Have you updated you anti rotate gearbox arm as movement there has direct impact on bolt
  7. I haven't however if its something I should do then please point me to the right direction. I've googled the part and looks like an easy part to fit just not sure on its location
  8. Bottom and rear of gearbox bellhousing/engine.
  9. Does anyone have a part number or link please, want to make sure its the right part im looking at
  10. Ah OK I know which part now. Might replace with standard as I hear they can really increase vibration. There quite harsh
  11. So some good news for anyone else wanting to buy this bolt from KTR. I reached out and explained that there instructions only recommended using the original washer rather than it being a must have. Anyway the website has been changed to explain this and also KTR will be looking to source the correct washer that fits there bolt without modification.

    Hope this helps others
  12. They do vibrate, but not that much, and it beds in after awhile.
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  13. personally id keep the factory upper rubber engine mounts and recommend the KTR uprated lower anti rotate as it firms up everything nicely without too much vibration, this will also take stress off the gearbox bolt, the Evol is proper firm and great for track cars
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  14. The Ktec one looks very similar to the Vibra-Tecnics one where they have a bit of rubber bushing - whereas the Evol just looks like a solid piece so I can see why there's excessive firmness and NVH.
  15. exactly that, just rebranded for KTEC and cost bit more no doubt, good bit kit though

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