1. Hi,

    I've just joined basically for the combined, searchable knowledge of a community like this. I've got a R26 living in far north Queensland, Australia. It's pretty rough so will try and restore as much stuff DIY to get it presenting "well enough". Sourcing parts has been a nightmare but thankfully I've found a supplier (at the other end of Australia) who knows and stocks French-brand parts. I envy the availability of parts in the UK and Europe... shipping and currency exchange are brutal.

  2. ianplymouth

    ianplymouth RSM Club Member

    Hi and welcome
    sorry about you parts sourcing, but knowledge on here is free (i think :laughing::laughing:), i'm trying to work with a Australian clutch company, i know if i buy from them i will get raped on import etc, but hay hoo :openmouth:

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